how deep is 45 meters

UK Size EU Size US Size
9.5 44 10.5
10 44.5 11
10.5 45 11.5
11 46 12

How many fathoms can a human go?

Human beings can withstand 3 to 4 atmospheres of pressure, or 43.5 to 58 psi. Water weighs 64 pounds per cubic foot, or one atmosphere per 33 feet of depth, and presses in from all sides. The ocean’s pressure can indeed crush you.

How many feet is a phantom?

fathom, old English measure of length, now standardized at 6 feet (1.83 metre), which has long been used as a nautical unit of depth.

How many inches make a meter and feet?

So to convert from meters to feet ( m to f ) is a simple conversion. We can use 1 m = 3.28 ft or 1 m = 39.37 inches and just multiply.

What is the difference between inches and meters?

Meters are the standard unit of length in the metric system, and inches and feet are standard units of length in the Imperial system. … One meter is equal to 3.28 feet, and 1 foot is equal to 12 inches. Therefore, 1 meter is equal to 3.28 × 12 inches, or 39.36 inches.

How many inches are in 4 meters meters feet inches?

Meters to Feet+inches conversion table

Meters (m) Feet (ft) + Inches (in)
4 m 13 ft 1.4803 in
5 m 16 ft 4.8504 in
6 m 19 ft 8.2205 in
7 m 22 ft 11.5906 in

How much inches is in a yard?

There are 36 inches (in) in 1 yard (yd).

Is a meter bigger than a yard?

Answer: The difference between meter and yard is that the meter is a SI unit of length and a yard is a unit of length. Also, 1 meter is about 1.09 yards.

Is an inch bigger than a meter?

The table below shows the relationship between some common units in both systems. 1 centimeter is a little less than half an inch. 1.6 kilometers is about 1 mile. 1 meter is about 3 inches longer than 1 yard.

Length Mass Volume
kilometer kilogram dekaliter
centimeter centigram centiliter
millimeter milligram milliliter

Which is bigger inches or meters?

One meter is equal to 100 centimeters or 39.37 inches.

What size shoe is 45 in UK?

Footwear Size Comparison

Footwear Sizes
UK 8 9.5
EU 42 44
UK 10.5 12
EU 45 47

What is a size 45 in UK mens shoes?

Conversion & Measurement Chart

UK Size EU Size US Size
9.5 44 10.5
10 44.5 11
10.5 45 11.5
11 46 12

To find your foot length, measure the distance between the two longest points on your tracing. Reduce this number by 5 mm, or 1/5-inch. The result is your foot length and the number you will use to determine your shoe size.

What size is a 44 men’s shoe?

Men’s Shoe Sizes

US UK Europe
10 9 44
10.5 9.5 44
11 10 45
11.5 10.5 45

What size is mens 44?

Men’s Size Chart

Sizes Chest Arm Length
S 35-37 81-84
M 38-40 84-86
L 41-43 86-89
XL 44-46 89-91.5

What size is 44 in men’s clothing?

International Conversion Chart for Men’s

US UK Europe
40 40 50
42 42 52
44 44 54
46 46 56

What is a big shoe size for a man?

The History of the Largest Shoe Size Available

Nowadays, the largest shoe size that most brands offer for men goes up to a 13 or 14, but athletic brands like Nike or Adidas offer up to a 21 or 22.

How big is a size 23 shoe in inches?

Women’s Shoes Length and Width Charts

Length (inches) Length (centimeters) Japanese Size
8 7/8″ 22.5 cm 23
9 1/16″ 23 cm 23.5
9 1/4″ 23.5 cm 24
9 3/8″ 23.8 cm 24.5

What size shoe is 8 inches?

Kids Shoe Size Chart (Six to Ten Years)

U.S. Euro Inches
1.5 33 8 inches
2 33 8.125 inches
2.5 34 8.25 inches
3 34 8.5 inches

How deep can a submarine go in feet?

How Deep Can You Go in a Submarine? That’s classified. What the Navy can tell you is that their submarines can submerge deeper than 800 feet.

Can you fart while diving?

Farting is possible while scuba diving but not advisable because: Diving wetsuits are very expensive and the explosive force of an underwater fart will rip a hole in your wetsuit. An underwater fart will shoot you up to the surface like a missile which can cause decompression sickness.

How deep can scuba divers go?

The maximum depth for recreational diving is 40 metres/130 feet. There is, however, an important caveat: you should always dive within the limits of your training and experience. Open Water Divers* are trained to dive to a maximum depth of 18 metres/60 feet.

How do you say fathom?

What measure is a league?

league, any of several European units of measurement ranging from 2.4 to 4.6 statute miles (3.9 to 7.4 km). In English-speaking countries the land league is generally accepted as 3 statute miles (4.83 km), although varying lengths from 7,500 feet to 15,000 feet (2.29 to 4.57 km) were sometimes employed.

How long is a cable?

or cable length

a nautical unit of length equivalent to 720 feet (219 meters) in the U.S. Navy and 608 feet (185 meters) in the British Navy. Also called cable.

What is the difference between a meter and a foot?

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