how did chandragupta improve life

He is also known for his introduction of coins. introduced seven types of coins – the Standard Type, the Archer Type, the Battle Axe Type, the Tiger Slayer Type, the Ashvamedha Type, the King and Queen Type, and the Lyre Player Type.

How did Chandragupta Vikramaditya strengthen his power and position through matrimonial alliances and war?

Chandragupta Vikramaditya strengthens his position by a matrimonial alliance. He married the daughter of a powerful Naga ruler. He gave his daughter in marriage to the Vakataka ruler in the Deccan from whom he got valuable help during his campaigns against the Sakas.

Why was Chandragupta II a successful leader?

According to tradition, Chandragupta II achieved power by assassinating a weak elder brother. Inheriting a large empire, he continued the policy of his father, Samudra Gupta, by extending control over neighbouring territories.

What peaceful means did Chandragupta use to strengthen his empire?

Chandra Gupta II also strengthened his empire through peaceful means by negotiating diplomatic and marriage alliances. He ruled from A. D. 375 to 415.

How did Chandragupta establish the Mauryan empire?

left a large power vacuum, and Chandragupta took advantage, gathering an army and overthrowing the Nanda power in Magadha, in present-day eastern India, marking the start of the Mauryan Empire. After crowning himself king, Chandragupta took additional lands through force and by forming alliances.

What change did Chandragupta II bring about in the currency system?

Answer: In addition, Chandragupta II was the first Gupta king to issue silver coins. These coins were intended to replace the silver coinage of the Western Kshatrapas after Chandragupta II defeated them, and were modelled on the Kshatrapa coinage.

Who is Asoka and why is he important?

Aśoka (3rd cent. BCE). Indian ruler of the Mauryan dynasty who converted to Buddhism and did much to promote the faith, while at the same time allowing freedom of worship to all creeds. He proclaimed his ethical principles throughout his empire by means of Edicts inscribed upon rocks, pillars, and walls of caves.

What were five major accomplishments of the Emperor Ashoka?

What were five major accomplishments of the emperor Ashoka? Overtook the Kalinga empire in a bloody war, converted to Buddhism, established a capital at the city of Pataliputra, established a central treasury that oversaw the efficient collection of taxes, communicated his policies by inscribing edicts in stone.

What were Ashoka’s four main goals?

What are the four main goals of Ashoka’s edicts? Buddhist Values: Encouraged Buddha’s teachings asked people to be loving respectful practice non-violence not get attached to things and live morally. General Welfare: made sure of peoples well being and that they had good food, shelter, clean water and health.

Did Nandini give birth?

Nandini and Chandra parts their way away from​ each other, Chandra has again turned heartless and brutal post Nandini’s exit from his life. Nandini also moved on in life and gives birth to her and Chandra’s son although Chandra isn’t aware about it.

Who is Nandini real husband?


Portrayed by Character Description
Rahul Ravi Arun Rajashekar Ganga’s husband and Janaki’s widower, Devasena’s father, and Rajasekhar’s son
Adhithri Guruvayurappan Devasena Arun Janaki and Arun’s daughter, Rajasekhar’s granddaughter, Ganga’s step-daughter
Kaavya Shastry

Was Nandini Chandragupta Maurya’s wife?

Nandni of Chandra Nandni is Fictional

The name of Chandragupta Maurya’s wife was not Nandni but Durdhara. Though the role of Nandini has been inspired from Durdhara, there are no such documents and/or texts that can hint any connection between the two.

What are three accomplishments of the Gupta Empire?

10 Major Achievements of the Gupta Empire

  • #1 It is the fourth largest political entity to have ever ruled India.
  • #2 It followed an efficient method of decentralized administration.
  • #3 The Gupta Era is regarded as the Golden Age of India.
  • #4 It witnessed the pinnacle of Indian rock-cut architecture.

What helped the Guptas in establishing a successful empire?

The Guptas exploited the rich reserves of iron ore in South Bihar which made them rich. 3. They established empire close to Silk route which helped them in trading. … The rulers of the Gupta Empire were efficient administrators who knew how to govern firmly without being despotic.

How did Gupta rulers improve the economy of India?

Agriculture remained the economic basis of society during the Gupta period. The Gupta rulers made it a point to increase agricultural production since land revenue was the primary source of income. Waste land was brought under cultivation. There were two principal harvests one for summer and the other for autumn.

How did the Gupta Empire change Indian civilization?

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