how did classical era trade networks compare to ancient era networks

The Post-classical era saw several common developments or themes. There was the expansion and growth of civilization into new geographic areas; the rise and/or spread of the three major world, or missionary, religions; and a period of rapidly expanding trade and trade networks.

How did the kingdom of Benin differ from the Kingdom of Songhai during the post-classical era?

Answer: Songhai established a democratic form of government, while Benin did not. Benin grew wealthy through the gold-salt trade, while Songhai grew wealthy through the silk trade.

What were the effects of migration in the post classical era?

What were the effects of migration in the post-classical era? Migration tended to follow the paths that merchants took. Non-trading societies followed and populated the city states that sprang up in the colonies and regions of economic interest.

What were the effects of the growth of networks of exchange after 1200?

Explain the causes of the growth of networks of exchange after 1200. Improved transportation technologies and commercial practices led to an increased volume of trade and expanded the geographical range of existing trade routes, including the Indian Ocean, promoting the growth of powerful new trading cities.

How did economic exchange trade foster cultural interactions?

Trade spreads ideas and culture because it involves people moving from place to place around the world as they trade. As they move, they (and the people they meet) come into contact with new ideas and cultural practices.

How did trade benefit ancient civilizations?

Trade was also a boon for human interaction, bringing cross-cultural contact to a whole new level. When people first settled down into larger towns in Mesopotamia and Egypt, self-sufficiency – the idea that you had to produce absolutely everything that you wanted or needed – started to fade.

What effect did trade have on the development of civilization?

– Trade had positive effect on the growth of ancient civilization. For example, people would acquire things which they did not produce. They would trade expensive commodities in exchange of less expensive commodities which were not found in their towns.

What advantages did such wide ranging trade routes bring to Rome?

Conquest and control of busy trade routes brought incredible riches to Rome. A new class of wealthy Romans emerged, and they built massive mansions called latifundia. Slaves worked in the latifundia and this hurt farmers, because they could not produce food as cheaply as the latifundia could.

What is medieval trade?

Medieval merchants began to trade in exotic goods imported from distant shores including spices, wine, food, furs, fine cloth (notably silk), glass, jewellery and many other luxury goods. Market towns began to spread across the landscape during the medieval period.

How did increasing trade affect medieval society?

In the Middle Ages, some towns held weekly markets where people from nearby villages could trade for food and other useful items. … How did increasing trade affect society? As the demand for goods increased, the number of skilled craftworkers in towns grew and education was back again.

Why was trade important in medieval times quizlet?

The revival of trade was so important because it allowed for trade routes to expand and cities and towns to grow. Wealthy people desired goods that could not be produced on manors and peasants needed iron for farm tools.

Which trade practice existed during the ancient and the medieval period?

Barter system was the medium of trade that practices during ancient and medieval period.

How did trade develop in the Middle Ages?

Medieval Europeans began trading frequently at local markets and at the larger and less-frequent fairs held in towns and cities. These were both organized with the approval of local councilmen and church officials, who in turn fostered a growing trade-based economy.

Who benefited the most from medieval economic expansion in Europe?

economic change from 1200 to 1500? Europe, more particularly Western Europe, benefited most from social, technological, and economic change from 1200 and 1500. The growth of cities and commerce brought western Europe into contact with the wider world.

What was traded on the Silk Road?

The silk road was a network of paths connecting civilizations in the East and West that was well traveled for approximately 1,400 years. … They traded goods such as silk, spices, tea, ivory, cotton, wool, precious metals, and ideas. Use these resources to explore this ancient trade route with your students.

Why is the classical period significant?

The name classical is applied to the period because in art and literature, there was keen interest in, admiration for, and emulation of the classical artistic and literary heritage of Greece and Rome. … This was the first era in music history in which public concerts became an important part of the musical scene.

Which of these Postclassical empires covered the largest geographic territory?

Thus, the one the postclassical empire that covered the largest geographic territory was the Mongol Empire.

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how did classical era trade networks compare to ancient era networks

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