how did the invention of mechanical farming equipment affect the american economy in the mid-1800s?

For those in the industrial sector, organized labor unions fought for better wages, reasonable hours and safer working conditions. The labor movement led efforts to stop child labor, give health benefits and provide aid to workers who were injured or retired.

What effect did labor reform have in the United States and Great Britain during the 1800s quizlet?

What effect did labor reform have in the United States and Great Britain during the 1800s? It led to gradual improvements in working conditions for everyone. Why did factory owners and managers use force against striking workers? They hoped that using force would keep workers from joining unions in the future.

Is the 1800s progressed demand for labor reform increase mainly because?

As the 1800’s progressed, demands for labor reform increased. What was the main reason for this? Social protest and to protect themselves from poor working conditions.

How did the Second Great Awakening change the power structures of American Religions quizlet?

How did the Second Great Awakening change the power structures of American religions? … Seeking to include all peoples, Methodists and Baptists actively recruited African Americans to their congregations. 3. Baptists and Methodists believed that all people could be saved.

How did the Great Awakening affect the American Revolution?

Many historians claim that the Great Awakening influenced the Revolutionary War by encouraging the notions of nationalism and individual rights. The revival also led to the establishment of several renowned educational institutions, including Princeton, Rutgers, Brown and Dartmouth universities.

What was one major effect of the Second Great Awakening quizlet?

What was one major effect of the Second Great Awakening? People were inspired to join reform movements to address social problems. The era in which a change from household industries to factory production using powered machinery took place.

What did Andrew Jackson believe in?

While Jackson believed in a strict construction of the Constitution and in states’ rights, he believed that when the Constitution had delegated power to the federal government, the federal government had to be supreme. Jackson also valued the Union and was not willing to see it compromised or to let it disintegrate.

What advantages did Andrew Jackson have in the election quizlet?

what advantages did Andrew Jackson have in his election? Andrew Jackson easily won the popular vote. Why did he fail to win the presidency? Adams dreamed of a nation based on ancient rome, with a strong federal government building roads, running universities, and making scientific inquiries.

Which of the following did Andrew Jackson believe was associated with the outcome of the election of 1824?

During James Madison’s presidential terms, two-party political competition completely disappeared. The 1836 Specie Circular declared that the federal government would accept only specie (gold and silver) in payment for public land.

How did the Panic of 1819 Effect voting rights?

How did the Panic of 1819 affected voting rights? … Many white male property owners lost their land and, with it, the right to vote. Congress decided since none of the four candidates had received a majority vote in the election.

What caused the Panic of 1819?

The Panic of 1819 and the accompanying Banking Crisis of 1819 were economic crises in the United States of America principally caused by the end of years of warfare between France and Great Britain. … These European nations needed U.S. industrial and agricultural products to sustain themselves during the conflict.

How did the corrupt bargain affect the US?

Though Jackson won the popular vote, he did not win enough Electoral College votes to be elected. … When Adams named Henry Clay as his Secretary of State, it confirmed Jackson’s suspicions that the two men had reached a “corrupt bargain” and deprived the American people of their popular choice for president.

How did the spoil system lead to government corruption?

How the spoils system lead to government corruption and, eventually, government reform? It eventually lead to the government constantly hiring unskilled workers. … Using this meant that the government would use gold as the basic of the nations currency.

What is a negative impact of the spoils system?

The spoils system has a negative impact on the government because it produces a corrupt government that is more concerned with political party favoritism than with the needs of the public.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the spoils system?

Advantages and Disadvantages to the Spoils Systems. Advantages: President can choose anyone, rewards loyal followers jobs, gives people a chance for jobs. Disadvantages-Inept corrupt employees, upsets people when they are not chosen or if they’re fired, or the job’s temporary.

How did advancements in technology affect the economy and society of the US?

New products, services, and methods of production will appear, transforming large parts of the economy, creating new sectors, and establishing platforms for the creation and growth of many firms across many sectors of the economy.

What impacts did industrialization and new technologies have on American society?

How did industrialization and new technology affect the economy and society? Factories used new tools and methods to produce supplies in large numbers. Railroads expanded across the nation. … Entrepreneurs fueled industrialization and helped spur innovation in the late 1800s.

What was one major effect of the industrialization on American society?

What was one major effect of industrialization on American society? More people moved to urban areas.

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