how many countries share a border with brazil

Brazil faces the Atlantic Ocean along 4,600 miles (7,400 km) of coastline and shares more than 9,750 miles (15,700 km) of inland borders with every South American country except Chile and Ecuador—specifically, Uruguay to the south; Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia to the southwest; Peru to the west; Colombia to the …

What are the 10 countries that share a border with Brazil?

Brazil Map with Cities, Roads, and Rivers

Brazil is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east; French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, and Colombia to the north; Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Argentina to the west; and Uruguay to the south.

How many countries share a border with both Argentina and Brazil?

The country has a long land border measuring a total of 7,322 miles long. Argentina shares its extensive land border with its five neighboring countries of Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay.

Which of the following countries Brazil does not share its border with?

Answer : Ecuador shares a border with Colombia and Peru and not with Brazil. Chile shares a border with Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia and not with Brazil.

Is it Brasil or Brazil?

If you are reading our posts, you already know that the language used in Brazil is the Portuguese language. The name of the country in Portuguese is written with -s, so it is Brasil.

Does Brazil and Argentina share a border?

The Argentina–Brazil border is the line that limits the territories of Argentina and Brazil. It is approximately 1,224 km (761 mi) long.

Does Colombia border Brazil?

The border between Brazil and Colombia is 1,644.2 km (1,021.7 mi) long. … the Tratado de Límites y Navegación Fluvial of 1928, delimiting the Apaporis-Amazon segment of the boundary as a “geodesic line identical to its Brazilian-Peruvian antecedent after Colombia gained undisputed sovereignty over the area”.

What are the 26 states in Brazil?

Administrative divisions: 26 states (estados, singular – estado) and 1 federal district (distrito federal): Acre, Alagoas, Amapa, Amazonas, Bahia, Ceara, Distrito Federal, Espirito Santo, Goias, Maranhao, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Para, Paraiba, Parana, Pernambuco, Piaui, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande …

Does Paraguay border Brazil?

The Brazil–Paraguay border runs from Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná, to Corumbá, Mato Grosso do Sul. … On the border between Brazil and Paraguay, lies the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant, which is one of the largest hydroelectric plants in the world in terms of annual energy generation.

Which European country shares a border with Brazil?

The Brazil–France border is the line, located in the Amazon Rainforest, that limits the territories of Brazil and France. The border is located between the Brazilian state of Amapá and the French region of French Guiana. It is 730 kilometres (450 mi) in length.

How many countries do not border Brazil?

Ecuador and Chile are the only countries in the continent which do not border Brazil.

What 4 countries of South America border the Pacific Ocean?

The Pacific forms the country’s entire western border, with Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, Argentina to the east, and the Drake Passage at the country’s southernmost tip.

What country has the longest border with Brazil?

Brazil has the world’s third longest land border, behind China and Russia.

Bordering countries.

Country Guyana
Length (km) 1,606
Bordering Brazilian states Para, Roraima
Border features Takutu River, Ireng River

Which is the capital of Brazil?


What are the only 2 South American countries that don’t border Brazil?

What two South American Countries do not share a border with…

  • Peru and Argentina.
  • Bolivia and Paraguay.
  • Guyana and Colombia.
  • Chile and Ecuador.

Is Brazil part of USA?

The United States became the first country to recognize the independence of Brazil, and Brazil was the only South American nation to send troops to fight alongside the Allies in World War II.

Brazil–United States relations.

Brazil United States
Embassy of Brazil, Washington, D.C. Embassy of the United States, Brasília

Why is Brazil important to the world?

Brazil is South America’s most influential country, a rising economic power and one of the world’s biggest democracies. … A former Portuguese colony, Brazil has a highly diverse population, including indigenous Americans and the descendants of African slaves and European settlers.

Is Brazil an African country?

República Federativa do Brasil), is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. … It borders all other countries in South America except Ecuador and Chile and covers 47.3% of the continent’s land area.

Does Peru border Brazil?

The Brazil–Peru border is the line, located in the Amazon Rainforest, that limits the territories of Brazil and Peru.

Brazil–Peru border.

Brazil–Peru States border
Current shape 1909
Treaties Treaty of Rio de Janeiro

How big is Brazil compared to the United States?

Although the total area of the US is approximately 500,000 square miles larger than the total area of Brazil, Brazil is larger than the contiguous US by approximately 300,000 square miles. About 685,924 square miles of the US is covered by water compared to only 21,441 square miles of Brazil.

Can you drive from Colombia to Brazil?

Can I drive from Colombia to Brazil? Yes, the driving distance between Colombia to Brazil is 7263 km. It takes approximately 4 days 3h to drive from Colombia to Brazil.

What sport is Brazil famous for?

Football (soccer) is the nation’s most popular sport, and Brazilians are highly enthusiastic fans.

What is Brazil famous for?

Brazil is famous for its iconic carnival festival and its talented soccer players like Pelé and Neymar. Brazil is also known for its tropical beaches, exquisite waterfalls, and the Amazon rainforest.

What is the richest state in Brazil?

São Paulo
São Paulo is the richest and most populous state in Brazil, ranking 16th and 27th worldwide, respectively; Rio de Janeiro is the second richest and the third most populous state, ranking 65th and 59th worldwide; Minas Gerais is the third richest and the second most populous state, ranking 80th and 55th worldwide.

How many counties are in Brazil?

Federative units of Brazil

State Estado (Portuguese)
Number 26 states and 1 federal district
Populations 629,000 (Roraima) – 45,926,000 (São Paulo)
Areas 5,761 km2 (2,224 sq mi) (Federal District) – 1,559,168 km2 (601,998 sq mi) (Amazonas)
Government State government

Which is Brazil’s smallest state?

Sergipe, smallest estado (state) of Brazil, located on the southern coast of that country’s northeastern bulge into the Atlantic Ocean. It is bounded on the east by the Atlantic, on the south and west by the state of Bahia, and on the north by the state of Alagoas, from which it is separated by the São Francisco River.

What country has the longest border with the US?

  • Total area: Canada is the second-largest country in the world with a total area of 9,984,670 km2, including 891,163 km2 of freshwater. …
  • Land border: Canada’s border with the United States is the world’s longest international border, at 8,890 km.

What do Argentina and Brazil have in common?

The Argentina–Brazil relationship is both close and historical, and encompasses the economy, trade, culture, education, and tourism. From war and rivalry to friendship and alliance, this complex relationship has spanned more than two centuries.

What are 3 countries that border Paraguay?

Paraguay is bordered by Bolivia on the north-west and north, Brazil on the east and Argentina on the south and south-west. The River Paraguay divides the country into two distinct regions : Gran Chaco or Western Paraguay on the west, and Paraguay proper or eastern Paraguay.

Who is Frances longest border with?

French Overseas Departments

Here France shares a border with Suriname (520 kms) and Brazil (730 kms). So there you go, France’s longest border is shared with Brazil!

What hemisphere is Brazil?

Brazil is largely in the Southern Hemisphere.

How many South American countries share a border with Brazil?

With a coast of 7,367 kilometers, Brazil has terrestrial boundaries with nine countries of South America:Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname, and with the French Department of Guiana,with an extention of over 16.886 kilometers.

What are the only two countries that do not border Brazil?

There are only two contries in south america that do not border Brazil – Chile and Ecuador, all the other ten do.

Which country shares the longest border with France?!

The 10 World’s Strangest Borders

25 Amazing Borders Around The World You Need to See

Countries and their neighboring countries | which country shares border with the most countries?

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