how to say happy chinese new year in cantonese

How To Say Happy Chinese New Year In Cantonese?

“Gong hei fat choy” is the most common Chinese New Year greeting in Cantonese, which is spoken in parts of southern China and Hong Kong. It directly translates to “wishing you great happiness and prosperity.” In Mandarin, the same greeting is “gong xi fa cai” (pronounced gong she fa tsai).Feb 16, 2018

How do you say Happy New Year in Cantonese characters?

This is pronounced in Mandarin as ‘sshin-nyen haoww’ and cantonese as ‘sen-nin haow’. Another friendly approach would be to wish your friends and loved ones “New Year goodness,” this is translated to “Xīnnián hǎo” and written 新年好 / 新年好. In Mandarin, it is pronounced ‘sshin-nyen haoww’ or in Cantonese as ‘sen-nin haow’.

What do you say on Chinese New Year Cantonese?

恭喜发财 – Wish You Prosperity and Good Fortune

Gong hei fat choy (Cantonese) has become one of the most recognizable Chinese New Year greetings outside of China. Growing up in the New York metropolitan area and even today, you’ll still hear this phrase everywhere in Chinatown and even in school classrooms.

How do you wish someone a Chinese New Year?

3 Most Popular Chinese New Year Greetings

  1. 新年好 — Happy Chinese New Year (popular way)
  2. 新年快乐 — Happy Chinese New Year (formal way)
  3. 恭喜发财 — Happiness and prosperity.
  4. 大吉大利 — Lots of luck and profits!
  5. 心想事成 — May all your wishes come true!
  6. 万事如意 — May all go well with you!
  7. 身体健康 — Wishing you good health!

How do you say Happy Chinese New Year in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, where Cantonese is the official language, the common way to say ‘Happy New Year’ is gong hei fat choy, which literally means ‘wishing you great happiness and prosperity’.

How do you say happy in Cantonese?

When it comes to greetings in Cantonese, Luisa Tam says the phrase faai lok, which means “happiness” in English, is the easiest way to spread some holiday cheer.

Is Kung Hei Fat Choy correct?

Kung Hei Fat Choy, which means “wishing you to make lots of money or a fortune,” is popular for two reasons. It’s mostly said among Cantonese during the New Year. … However, Kung Hei Fat Choy is simply outdated.

Is it offensive to say Chinese New Year?

Either way, whether you refer to it as the Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, Spring Festival, or any other name, in the end it is the context that matters, and as long as no intentional offense is meant, it is safe to say that almost everyone will just be happy to share and celebrate the festive occasion all around the …

Is Guangdong Cantonese?

Languages and ethnicities

The majority of the province’s population is Han Chinese. Within the Han Chinese, the largest subgroup in Guangdong are the Cantonese people. Two other major groups are the Teochew people in Chaoshan and the Hakka people in Huizhou, Meizhou, Heyuan, Shaoguan and Zhanjiang.

What does kung hei fat choi means?

Kung Hei Fat Choi is the auspicious Cantonese phrase most commonly heard in Hong Kong this week during the Lunar New Year. Kung Hei stands for congratulations, while Fat Choi literally means making a lot of money.

How do you say Happy Chinese New Year in Malaysia?

Because Gong Xi (恭禧) is congratulations or respectfully wishing one joy and Fa Cai (發財) is to become rich or to make money. Thus, Gong Xi Fa Cai means wishing you to be prosperous in the coming year.

What is Happy Birthday in Cantonese?

If you want to wish someone Happy Birthday in Cantonese, you can say “Saang1 Jat6 Faai3 Lok6″ (生日快樂). 生 refers to “birth” and 日 refers to “day”.

How do you say I love in Cantonese?

1. Ngo5 Oi3 Nei5 (我愛你.) This is the common way to say I love you in Cantonese.

How do you wish Happy Birthday in Chinese?

The easiest way to say “happy birthday” in Chinese is 生日快乐, or “shēngrì kuàilè” in pinyin. The first part of this expression is 生日 (shēngrì) which means “birthday,” and the second is 快乐 (kuàilè) which means “happy.”

What does Kiong Hi mean?

He recommended using “kiong hee,” the short version of the Hokkien greeting, which means “wishing you happiness.” It can be used any time of year.

How do you say Happy new year in Chinese Gung Hay fat choy?

Gong hei fat choy” is the most common Chinese New Year greeting in Cantonese, which is spoken in parts of southern China and Hong Kong. It directly translates to “wishing you great happiness and prosperity.” In Mandarin, the same greeting is “gong xi fa cai” (pronounced gong she fa tsai).

How do you say congratulations in Cantonese?

恭喜 (Gung1 Hei2)

This is the commonly used Cantonese expression when you want to congratulate someone. You can use it to greet your friends and colleague. 恭喜 (Gung1 Hei2) is composed of two words. The meaning of the Chinese character 恭 (Gung1) is “respectful” or “deferential,” and 喜 (Hei2) means “happy.”

What do Chinese call Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year, known in China as the Spring Festival and in Singapore as the Lunar New Year, is a holiday on and around the new moon on the first day of the year in the traditional Chinese calendar.

Do you say Lunar or Chinese New Year?

Why do we say Lunar New Year instead of Chinese New Year? Using Lunar New Year is preferred because it’s more inclusive to other Asian New Year celebrations and the holiday is known by different names in different countries.

Is Shenzhen in Hong Kong?

Shenzhen is a city located in south-central Guangdong sheng (province) in southeastern China. It lies along the coast of the South China Sea and is located immediately north of Hong Kong.

Is Hong Kong considered Cantonese?

Hong Kong Cantonese is a dialect of the Cantonese language of the Sino-Tibetan family. It is the native and de facto standard language of Hong Kong. A similar dialect is also spoken in Macau.

Hong Kong Cantonese
Writing system Written Cantonese Cantonese Braille
Official status
Official language in Hong Kong Macau

What nationality speaks Cantonese?

Cantonese language, Chinese (Pinyin) Yueyu, (Wade-Giles romanization) Yüeh-yü, variety of Chinese spoken by more than 55 million people in Guangdong and southern Guangxi provinces of China, including the important cities of Canton, Hong Kong, and Macau. Throughout the world it is spoken by some 20 million more.

What is the difference between kung hei fat choi and Gong Xi Fa Cai?

Short of the long: Gong Xi Fa Cai is Mandarin while Kung Hei Fat Choi is Cantonese. The syllables Gong Xi/Kung Hei mean congratulations, while Fa Cai/Fat Choi translate to become prosperous or have lots of money. So they mean the same thing: “Congratulations and may you be prosperous.”

How do you respond to Gong Xi Fa Cai?

When someone greets you “Gong Xi Fa Cai” or “Gong Hey Fat Choy,” a fun way to respond is with “Hong Bao Na Lai” which means “Red envelope please.”

How do you write Gong Hei Fat Choy in Chinese?

Congratulations and be prosperous (simplified Chinese: 恭喜发财; trad. Chinese: 恭喜發財; pinyin: gōngxǐ fācái; in Cantonese: Kung Hei Fat Choi. The phrase ‘Gong Xi’ (or ‘Gong Hei’ in Cantonese) means ‘Congratulations’, derived from the legend of ‘Nian’, congratulating each other to have escaped the harm of the beast.

How do you say happy birthday mom in Cantonese?

How do you say Happy New Year in Cantonese audio?

How do you say happy birthday in Malaysian?

2) Selamat Hari Lahir

In the Malay language, lahir is a verb that means give birth. When put together, it simply means happy birthday. Selamat Hari Lahir is also used interchangeably with Selamat Hari Jadi — both carry the same meaning and you can use these words in every formal and informal context.

What does dai lo mean in Cantonese?

Noun. 大佬 (Cantonese) elder brother; big brother.

How do you say you are cute in Cantonese?

You are so cute.

  1. 你好可愛。
  2. nei5 hou2 ho2 oi3.

How do you say beautiful in Cantonese?

English Translation: Beautiful

This is the common and easiest Cantonese word to say beautiful in Cantonese. 美麗 (mei5 lai6) can be used in almost any situation, both formal and informal.

How do you say best wishes in Chinese?

祝你好运! (zhù nǐ hǎo yùn!) — (I wish you) Good luck!

What Gege mean in Chinese?

Gege (or name+ge). Older brother. Didi. Younger brother.

How do you say happy birthday in Teochew?

how to say happy chinese new year in cantonese

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