how to start a geocache

Whether you’re a seasoned geocacher or you’re new to the activity, you’ll be happy to know that, yep, geocaching is still a thing. According to the folks at the official Geocaching headquarters, there are more than 3 million active geocaches located around the world.

Can you take stuff from a geocache?

One of the guiding principles of geocaching is “take something, leave something.” A geocache hider places a number of goodies in a container when a new cache is first started. … If you take something from a cache, be sure to leave something. If you forgot your trade items, just sign the logbook.

What are the three main rules of geocaching?

Follow Leave No Trace guidelines in the natural environment. Be careful of the area around the cache—don’t trample the grounds, rip up sprinkler heads, etc., in your frenzy to find the cache. Follow all laws and regulations. Never enter private property without permission.

Is it worth paying for geocaching?

Yes premium membership is way better than basic. Loads of better caches can be found! The good caches are kept for premium members by premium members.

Why should you never bury a geocache?

A cache should be well hidden, but not impossible to find. … You should never alter the environment when you hide a cache, nor should you place the cache in such a spot that seekers will have to affect the environment when they look for it. Never bury a geocache or place it in thick brush that others will have to clear.

What are good things to put in a geocache?

10 Trinkets You Can Put In A Geocache

  • 3 Toy Soldiers.
  • 4 Coins. …
  • 5 Jewelry. …
  • 6 Disposable Rain Ponchos. …
  • 7 Kid’s Meal Toys. …
  • 8 Keychains. …
  • 9 Trading Stones. …
  • 10 Small Compasses. Chances are that the place you are looking for the geocache is somewhere you and other searchers have never been before. …

What does tot mean in geocaching?

Geocaching TOTT (Tools Of The Trade)

How safe is geocaching?

That all said, geocaching is about as safe as most outdoor activities and safer than many. You can mitigate the risks by being prepared for the weather, not taking unnecessary risks, knowing your limitations and staying aware of your surroundings.

How far apart do geocaches have to be?

Check for minimum distance. New geocaches must be at least 0.1 miles (528 feet or 161 meters) from the physical elements of other caches. To check for minimum distance between geocaches (also called “saturation”), follow the steps below.

How do I geocache for free?

Go Geocaching for Free

  1. Step 1: Signing Up. First off if you haven’t sign up for, then do it now. …
  2. Step 2: Downloading C:GEO and Signing In. In the Play Store, search for “c:geo” and download the app. …
  3. Step 3: Using the App. …
  4. Step 4: Prep the Device. …
  5. Step 5: Find the Cache.

What is blue switch day?

Blue Switch Day is held on May 2 each year and recognises when the US Government ‘flipped the switch’ and made high-accuracy GPS available to everyone.

What is an Earthcache?

An Earthcache is a special place that people can visit to learn about a unique geoscience feature or aspect of our Earth. … Visitors to Earthcaches can see how our planet has been shaped by geological processes, how we manage the resources and how scientists gather evidence to learn about the Earth.

What does Muggle mean in geocaching?

Muggle. A non geocacher. Based on “Muggle” from the Harry Potter series, which is a non-magical person.

What should you not put in a geocache?

Explosives, fireworks, ammunition, lighters, knives (including pocket knives and multi-tools), drugs, alcohol and any illicit material should not be placed in a cache. If someone other than you places an inappropriate item in a cache that you own and this is reported, the cache may be temporarily disabled.

What state is home to the oldest surviving geocache?

The Oldest Geocache In The World Is In Kansas – Only In Your State.

What does TFTF mean in geocaching?

TFTF. Thanks for the Find (geocaching)

What do geocache containers look like?

Geocache boxes come in all different shapes and sizes. They can be anything, but they are usually small, weatherproof boxes made of metal, wood, or plastic. You might find a camouflaged Altoids tin, a can of mixed nuts, or an ammo box. The cache will be hidden (but not buried) in a safe, non-intrusive place.

What are some dangers of geocaching?

At the top of the dangers is that you might not find the cache. While this might not sound so bad, if you have an intense desire to find the certain item, you might be out in the forest or street for many hours. Sometimes caches are taken from their GPS location by people (children) or by groundskeepers.

How much is the geocaching subscription?

One year of Premium for $29.99, only $2.50 per month! Or subscribe monthly for $5.99.

Get the best of Geocaching: Go Premium.

Find More Geocaches Basic Premium
Basic geocaches X X
Advanced geocaches on mobile X
All geocache types on mobile X
Premium-only geocaches X

What are premium caches?

A Premium Member Only (PMO) cache is a cache listed at that can be viewed only by premium members. Owners of PMO caches are able to view an audit log that shows which members have viewed the page. … The perks of being a Geocaching Premium member just got better.

How much does it cost to do geocaching?

Geocaching App vs c:Geo

c:Geo Geocaching Intro
Cost Free Free
Save Caches /Work Offline Yes No
Find Nearby Caches Yes Yes
Find With Compass Yes Yes

What is a geocachers main goal?

Geocaching is a type of global treasure hunt of people looking for caches, or hidden stashes of objects. Geocaching may also be described as a series of hide-and-seek games, where hiders provide online clues for seekers. Seekers use global positioning system (GPS) devices to find hidden caches.

How do you set up a scavenger hunt geocache?

Which GPS best for geocaching?

What Is The Best GPS Device for Geocaching?

Top Pick Garmin eTrex 30x 010-01508-10 Handheld Navigator Best GPS device for Geocaching Simple, compact & intuitive High-Res color screen
Garmin GPSMAP 64st Best high end GPS device Long lasting dual battery pack Excellent screen resolution

What do you write in a geocache logbook?

At a minimum, the cacher’s name/initials and the date it was found. Large caches have log books that allow you to write a complete account of your finding the cache. Other logs are barely large enough for the finder’s initials. Most Cache Owners want to know about your experience hunting and finding their cache.

What GZ means?

“Congratulations” is the most common definition for GZ on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. GZ. Definition: Congratulations.

What does SL mean?

Acronym Definition
SL So Long
SL Sri Lanka
SL Straight Line
SL Sign Language

What is fun about geocaching?

Geocaching is an exciting outdoor adventure for the whole family. It’s a treasure hunt for the digital generation, where you can enjoy the freedom of being outside and discovering new places. All you need is a handheld GPS and a sense of fun. A geocache or ‘cache’ is a small waterproof treasure box hidden outdoors.

What are some different types of caches?

There is three types of cache:

  • direct-mapped cache;
  • fully associative cache;
  • N-way-set-associative cache.

How do you geocache safely?

Ten tips for safe geocaching

how to start a geocache

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