how was the american conflict over slavery part of larger global events

the civil war

The most common name for the American Civil War in modern American usage is simply “The Civil War”. Although rarely used during the war, the term “War Between the States” became widespread afterward in the Southern United States.

In what ways did the search for new global markets affect American foreign policy and territorial ambitions?

The search for new global markets affected American foreign-policy and territorial ambitions by creating an incentive system which rewarded foreign trade with perks such as lower rates on transport and taxes.

How did the debates over national identity affect US expansionism and relations with foreign powers and Native Americans?

How did the debates over national identity affect U.S. expansionism and relations with foreign powers and Native Americans? … Regional identity was increased through the new debate over slavery, and which new states should be slave states in order to keep the slave and free states even.

What was the legacy of the civil war Apush?

The legacy of the Civil War included the end of slavery and making the country is united.

How did technological and corporate innovations help to vastly increase industrial production What was the impact of these innovations on the lives of working people?

What was the impact of these innovations on the lives of the working people? Technological and corporate innovations help to vastly increase industrial production by allowing fewer laborers to produce more product in a shorter period of time with less effort which enabled the employers to justify lower wages.

Which two foreign nations were most affected by the global Great Depression?

Germany and Austria. The European countries hardest hit by the Great Depression were Germany and Austria. Collapse of world trade in 1930 had major affects. German production fell over 40 percent.

How was the stock market affected by the Great Depression?

After October 29, 1929, stock prices had nowhere to go but up, so there was considerable recovery during succeeding weeks. Overall, however, prices continued to drop as the United States slumped into the Great Depression, and by 1932 stocks were worth only about 20 percent of their value in the summer of 1929.

How did expansionism change the United States role in the world?

Rooted in the idea of manifest destiny, the United States militantly expanded westward across the continent in the 19th century. Americans saw their nation’s mission as one of bringing education, modern technology, and civilization to the West and driving away the “uncivilized” American Indians.

How did Americans feel about expanding westward?

Based on these two documents, how did Americans feel about expanding westward? … Americans thought they were special because they thought that they were “chosen” by Providence to spread American ideals, and their population kept growing, so they needed to expand Westward.

How do innovation and expansion affect a nation’s identity?

How do innovation and expansion affect a nation’s identity? It allowed the United states to gain land, power and resources which made the United States a more respected nation. … Americans were able to obtain more resources such as land and gold which created more income.

How did the American Civil war affect the world?

The Civil War confirmed the single political entity of the United States, led to freedom for more than four million enslaved Americans, established a more powerful and centralized federal government, and laid the foundation for America’s emergence as a world power in the 20th century.

What were the impacts of American Civil war on American social life?

The first three of these postwar amendments accomplished the most radical and rapid social and political change in American history: the abolition of slavery (13th) and the granting of equal citizenship (14th) and voting rights (15th) to former slaves, all within a period of five years.

How did the Civil War change the nation?

That the war brought about the abolition of slavery revealed its revolutionary nature. The Union victory over the Confederacy, however, also strengthened federalism and granted to the federal government unprecedented powers that led to a guarantee of civil rights.

How did technological innovation improve the lives of ordinary people and what challenges did it present to them Apush?

How did technological innovations improve the lives of ordinary people, and what challenges did it present to them? Canals and turnpikes were becoming more advanced. … Innovations gave women more opportunities. Other machines were invented to make doing things more efficient and easier to do.

What factors contributed to the rise of the US as an industrial power during the Gilded Age?

The Gilded Age saw rapid economic and industrial growth, driven by technical advances in transportation and manufacturing, and causing an expansion of personal wealth, philanthropy, and immigration. Politics during this time not only experienced corruption, but also increased participation.

How did big business leaders unfairly reduce competition?

Andrew carnegie and john rockefeller both started businesses with their own money and eventually gained wealth. … Some critics during the gilded age argued that big business leaders unfairly reduced competition in the market by? Froming trusts and creating monopolies. By 1900, 49% of the poplulation lived in urban areas.

When did the British economy first feel the effects of the American triggered Great Depression?

The 1930s economy was marked by the effects of the great depression. After experiencing a decade of economic stagnation in the 1920s, the UK economy was further hit by the sharp global economic downturn in 1930-31.

How did the Great Depression in America affect the rest of the world?

The Great Depression of 1929 devastated the U.S. economy. A third of all banks failed. 1 Unemployment rose to 25%, and homelessness increased. 2 Housing prices plummeted 67%, international trade collapsed by 65%, and deflation soared above 10%.

How did America get out of the Great Depression?

The Great Depression was a worldwide economic depression that lasted 10 years. GDP during the Great Depression fell by half, limiting economic movement. A combination of the New Deal and World War II lifted the U.S. out of the Depression.

Was the crash big enough to cause the Great Depression?

What happened as a result of the stock market crash? Was it big enough to cause the Great Depression? Considerable wealth was destroyed, people began to have doubts about the health of the economy, and consumers and firms cut back on their spending. It was not big enough to cause the Great Depression.

What impact did the stock market crash of 1929 have on the American economy?

How did the Great Depression affect the American economy? In the United States, where the Depression was generally worst, industrial production between 1929 and 1933 fell by nearly 47 percent, gross domestic product (GDP) declined by 30 percent, and unemployment reached more than 20 percent.

How did socialists attempt to fight the effects of the Great Depression?

In France, how did Socialists attempt to fight the effects of the Great Depression? They passed worker reforms. … Why did people demand not just banking and stock market reform but also new forms of government after the Great Depression?

How might the expansion of the United States Impact America economically?

Overview. Land, mining, and improved transportation by rail brought settlers to the American West during the Gilded Age. New agricultural machinery allowed farmers to increase crop yields with less labor, but falling prices and rising expenses left them in debt.

How did the expansion of the United States Impact America socially?

Socially, women received the right to vote partially due to westward expansion. Many territories granted women the right to vote in order to attract families to move there. Wyoming was the first territory to give women the right to vote in 1869. … Not all social changes in the West were positive, however.

Why did America pursue expansion in the 1840s?

A complex mix of political, social, and economic factors fueled American expansionist sentiment in the 1840s. Many Americans subscribed to the concept of “Manifest Destiny,” the belief that Providence preordained the United States to occupy as much land on the continent as possible.

Why did America Expand West?

Gold rush and mining opportunities (silver in Nevada) The opportunity to work in the cattle industry; to be a “cowboy” Faster travel to the West by railroad; availability of supplies due to the railroad. The opportunity to own land cheaply under the Homestead Act.

What events contributed to US expansion?

  • Timeline of Westward Expansion.
  • Manifest Destiny. …
  • Louisiana Purchase. …
  • The Corps of Discovery Expedition (Lewis and Clark Expedition) …
  • The War of 1812. …
  • Missouri Compromise and the Kansas-Nebraska Act. …
  • Monroe Doctrine. …
  • Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears.

How did the United States gain control over the territory from the east to the west coast in the nineteenth century?

How did the United States gain control over the territory from the east to the west coast in the nineteenth century? They slowly incorporated more land through several acts and transactions, those being the Louisiana purchase, the Indian removal act, and the treaty of Guadalupe.

What new political and economic issues and tensions did American expansion raise?

Expansion lead to economic promise and fueled the manifest destiny but it also lead to sectional tension over slavery. The north contained a lot of abolitionists while the south was commonly pro-slavery, this increased sectional tension because each side wanted to see their ideals extended into the west.

What conflicts arose from the Westward Expansion?

What conflicts arose from westward expansion? This expansion led to debates about the fate of slavery in the West, increasing tensions between the North and South that ultimately led to the collapse of American democracy and a brutal civil war.

What examples of progress and conflict arose from Westward Expansion in the second half of the 19th century?

Successes from Westward Expansion include 8 new states being added to the United States, farmland developing and gold was found in California. Major conflicts included the Wounded Knee massacre and Indian Wars which came with the taking of land from Native Americans.

How did the Civil War impact slavery?

As a result of the Union victory in the Civil War and the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution (1865), nearly four million slaves were freed. The Fourteenth Amendment (1868) granted African Americans citizenship, and the Fifteenth Amendment (1870) guaranteed their right to vote.

How did slavery cause the Civil War?

The war began because a compromise did not exist that could solve the difference between the free and slave states regarding the power of the national government to prohibit slavery in territories that had not yet become states.

What had the greatest impact on the outcome of the Civil War?

Which of the following had the greatest impact on the outcome of the Civil War? Economic differences between the Union and the Confederacy.

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