how would you expect sediment to change as you walk from shore into the ocean

Which of the following statements describe what happens to sediment when a longshore current meets a jetty choose all that apply?

Which of the following statements describe what happens to sediment when a longshore current meets a jetty? -Sediment is eroded on the down-current side of the jetty because water is starved of sediment in this location. … The sediment patterns around the jetties suggest that the current is moving from left to right.

Which of these natural features do you expect to find along an emergent coastline?

Some features associated with emergent coasts include high cliffs, headlands, exposed bedrock, steep slopes, rocky shores, arches, stacks, tombolos, wave-cut platforms, and wave notches.

Which of the following is a characteristic example of an emergent coastline?

Which of the following is a characteristic example of an emergent coastline? When does the spring tide occur? Which tide has two high and two low tides each day, with high tides of different heights and low tides of different heights? Emergent coastlines consistently have the characteristic of __________.

Which of the following is a characteristic of a desert stream?

Which of the following is characteristic of a desert stream? Desert streams lack expansive tributary systems. What is the most important erosional agent in deserts? How does the rate of rock weathering in dry climates compare with the rate in humid regions?

Which of the following statements describes what happens to sediment when longshore current meets a groin group of answer choices?

Which of the following statements describes what happens to sediment when longshore current meets a groin? Sediment is deposited on the updrift side of the groin because water moves slower in this location. Which of the following is a statement involving climate rather than weather?

How does wind speed affect longshore drift?

Student 2: Well, longshore drift is dependent on the prevailing wind; the direction from which the wind usually blows, which in this case is from the south west. The wind direction determines the wave direction. Student 1: I get it now. So if the wind is usually from the south west, then so are the waves.

What may be expected to happen to sediment along a beach during a storm?

What happens to sediment along a shore during a storm? Sediment deposition occurs farther up the beach than normal. Large waves erode sand. Sand moves out to sea.

How do changes in sea level produce emerging and submerging shorelines?

A. Emerging shorelines are emerging above sea level by an uplift of the continent or a lowering of sea level or both. … Submerging shorelines are sinking below sea level because of subsidence or rising sea level or both. They may have drowned beaches and submerged dune topography.

What are shoreline features?

Shore platform, sea cave, sea arch, and sea stack. … Shore Platform. A narrow flat area often found at the base of a sea cliff or along the shoreline of a lake, bay, or sea. Created by the action of waves.

Which of the following is responsible for moving the most sediment along a shoreline?

While sediment is constantly being moved more or less perpendicular to or from shorelines by tidal and wave action, the predominant net movement of sediment along most coasts is parallel with the shore through the effects of longshore currents.

What has caused the greatest changes in sea level in the past 3000 years?

Longshore current has moved Tom parallel to the shore. What has caused the greatest changes in sea level in the past 3000 years? … A longshore sand bar parallels the coast. As a wave approaches the coast, the wave base will often interact with the longshore sand bar protruding from the sea floor.

How might building a dam on a river that flows to the sea affect a coastal beach?

How might building a dam on a river that flows to the sea affect a coastal beach? The beach becomes narrower and the cliffs behind it are subjected to a higher rate of erosion.

Why is sediment so easily eroded in desert areas?

Because of the relatively high viscosity of the water (owing to its load of suspended sediment) and the velocity and turbulence of the flow, flash floods in deserts cause intense erosion.

How do weathering processes affect deserts?

How do weathering processes affect deserts? Water and wind cause mechanical weathering and produce angular rocks, sheer canyon walls and pebble-covered surfaces. … Because there are fewer plants in deserts to anchor the soil, there can be a great amount of erosion caused during a single short-lived rain event.

Do deserts have a lot of wind?

Wind as a Geologic Agent Wind is common in arid desert regions because: Air near the surface is heated and rises, cooler air comes in to replace hot rising air and this movement of air results in winds. Arid regions have little or no soil moisture to hold rock and mineral fragments.

How does longshore drift affect sediment size?

Longshore drift is the name given to the process by which beach material is transported along the coast by the action of waves. … The size of the sediment particles moved by the wave is determined by what is available on the sea bed, and by the power of the wave. More powerful waves can move heavier sediment particles.

What is the combined movement of sediment that results from longshore drift and beach drift?

The combined effects of sediment transport within the surf zone by the longshore current and sediment movement along the beach by swash and backwash is known as longshore transport , or littoral drift .

What is longshore sediment transport?

Longshore transport refers to the cumulative movement of beach and nearshore sand parallel to the shore by the combined action of tides, wind, and waves and the shore-parallel currents produced by them.

How does longshore drift affect beaches?

Longshore currents are affected by the velocity and angle of a wave. When a wave breaks at a more acute (steep) angle on a beach, encounters a steeper beach slope, or is very high, longshore currents increase in velocity. … This process, known as “longshore drift,” can cause significant beach erosion.

How do waves change a beach?

The erosion of rock formations in the water, coral reefs and headlands create rock particles that the waves move onshore, offshore and along the shore, creating the beach. Continual erosion of the shoreline by waves also changes the beach over time.

How is sediment transported along the coast?

Sediment is carried by the waves along the coastline. The movement of the material is known as longshore drift . Waves approach the coast at an angle because of the direction of prevailing wind. The swash will carry the material towards the beach at an angle.

How do waves affect sediment?

As a wave crashes on the shore, the water pushes sediment up the beach and then pulls it back down the beach as the water slides back down. If the waves do not come in parallel to the beach longshore transport (littoral drift) of sand occurs.

How do waves erode and move sediment along the shore?

Waves erode sediments from cliffs and shorelines. The sediment in ocean water acts like sandpaper. … Land that sticks out into the water is eroded by the strong wave energy. The wave energy concentrates its power on the wave-cut cliff.

How does the motion of the ocean affect beaches?

The breaking waves and resulting currents pick up and move sand, making beaches dynamic, perpetually in motion. This subtle but steadily flowing river of sand moves laterally up and down the shoreline, as well as offshore during storms and back toward land between storms.

How do changes in sea level affect coastlines?

Sea level rise could erode and inundate coastal ecosystems and eliminate wetlands. Warmer and more acidic oceans are likely to disrupt coastal and marine ecosystems. Coastal development reduces the ability of natural systems to respond to climate changes.

How do shorelines change?

The Nature of Shoreline Change. The natural character of sandy beaches is to change shape constantly and to move landward (retreat) or seaward (advance). The changes are caused by changes in the forces that move the sand, namely wind, waves, and currents, and by the supply of sand.

What are the effects of sea level rise?

The major physical impacts of a rise in sea level include erosion of beaches, inundation of deltas as well as flooding and loss of many marshes and wetlands. Increased salinity will likely become a problem in coastal aquifers and estuarine systems as a result of saltwater intrusion.

How is a shoreline different from a beach?

A beach is an area along the edge of a sea, lake, or wide river that is covered with sand or small stones. … Children were building sandcastles on the beach. 2 `shore’ Shore is a more general word for the land along the edge of a sea, lake, or wide river.

What is an ocean shoreline?

A shore or a shoreline is the fringe of land at the edge of a large body of water, such as an ocean, sea, or lake. … Shores are influenced by the topography of the surrounding landscape, as well as by water induced erosion, such as waves.

What is the shoreline of the ocean called?

The coast, also known as the coastline or seashore, is defined as the area where land meets the ocean, or as a line that forms the boundary between the land and the ocean or a lake.

GEOSC10 Unit 8 Lecture: Tearing Down Mountains, Coasts and Sea-level Changes

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how would you expect sediment to change as you walk from shore into the ocean

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