what did scientists in a submersible see when they observed the mid ocean ridge

In the mid-1900s, scientists mapped the mid-ocean ridges using sonar. Sonar is a device that bounces sound waves off underwater objects and then records the echoes of these sound waves. The mid-ocean ridges curve along the sea floor, extending into all of Earth’s oceans.

What kind of rock do you expect to find at a mid-ocean ridge?

Igneous rock is formed by the cooling and crystallization of molten magma at volcanoes and mid-ocean ridges, where new crust is generated. Examples of igneous rock are basalt, granite, and andesite (Fig. 7.57 A).

What happens to new oceanic crust at a mid-ocean ridge quizlet?

New oceanic crust is hot. As it moves away from the mid-ocean ridge toward a deep ocean trench it cools and becomes more dense. … As subduction occurs, crust closer to a mid-ocean ridge moves away from the ridge and toward a deep-ocean trench. Sea-floor spreading and subduction work together.

How does the observed pattern of magnetic reversals support the theory of sea floor spreading?

Magnetic reversals occur every so often. When they happen, the Earth’s magnetic field reverses its polarity. In other words, north becomes south and south becomes north. Magnetic reversal proves seafloor spreading because we can see the polarity of the Earth’s magnetic field in rocks.

How do scientists date sea floor rocks?

Scientists date sea-floor rocks by looking at patterns in the rocks, including magnetic patterns, and by looking at the geomagnetic reversal time scale. New material is constantly being pushed up from deep below the surface to form the ridge. … As the ridge rises, rocks are pushed out to either side.

How will Scientist discover that rocks farther from the mid oceanic ridges were older than those near it?

They discovered this by finding the age of rock samples obtained by drilling in the ocean floor. How did scientists discover that rocks farther away from the mid-ocean ridge were older that those near the ridge? … The process by which oceanic crust sinks beneath a deep-ocean trench and back into the mantle.

How does a scientist use the magnetic field magnetic strips or magnetic lines in explaining the seafloor spreading theory?

Magnetic polarity stripes give clues to seafloor ages and the importance of mid-ocean ridges in the creation of oceanic crust. Seafloor spreading processes create new oceanic crust at mid-ocean ridges and destroy older crust at deep sea trenches.

What did Harry Hess discover about the ocean floor?

Harry Hess was a geologist and Navy submarine commander during World War II. Part of his mission had been to study the deepest parts of the ocean floor. In 1946 he had discovered that hundreds of flat-topped mountains, perhaps sunken islands, shape the Pacific floor.

What are three kinds of evidence scientists have found to support this idea?

  • Molten Material (magma/lava) – scientists have found strange rocks shaped like pillows in the central valley of the ocean ridge. …
  • Magnetic Stripes – The molten rock contains iron – it is magnetic. …
  • Drilling Samples – the Glomar challenger drilled holes in the ocean 6km deep.

How do scientists know what the bottom of the ocean floor looks like?

But satellites can use radar to measure the height of the sea’s surface very accurately. And if there are enough measurements to subtract the effects of waves and tides, satellites can actually measure bumps and dips in the sea surface that result from the underlying landscape of the ocean floor.

What 4 different ways do scientists explore the ocean floor?

Technologies used to explore outer space and the ocean include submersibles, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), satellites, rovers, diving/scuba gear, buoys, mega corers, water column samplers, and sonar for mapping.

Why is it important for scientist to know what the ocean floor looks like?

Sea floor sediment provide an invaluable key to past climate change. Finely varved sediments from areas of rapid deposition provide a high-resolution record of past climate variation, and volcanic ash layers contribute to the comprehensive study of climate change on relatively short timescales.

Which of the plate boundary do you think would result to folding?

convergent plate boundaries

In the creation of fold mountains, Earth’s crust itself is warped into folded forms. Fold mountains are often associated with continental crust. They are created at convergent plate boundaries, sometimes called continental collision zones or compression zones.

How do you think fault mountain fold mountain and volcanoes were formed?

These mountains form when faults or cracks in the earth’s crust force some materials or blocks of rock up and others down. Instead of the earth folding over, the earth’s crust fractures (pulls apart). It breaks up into blocks or chunks.

Why do active volcanoes mountain ranges folded mountains and earth quake zone are located in the same place?

The global distribution of the Fold Mountains is due to the interaction between the various tectonic plates. Thus, there is a close relationship between the volcanoes, earthquakes and the Fold Mountains.

How did scientists map the mid-ocean ridge?

Dive and Discover : Oceanographic Tools: Sonar. Echo sounding is the key method scientists use to map the seafloor today. The technique, first used by German scientists in the early 20th century, uses sound waves bounced off the ocean bottom.

When did scientists first discover the Mid Atlantic ridge?

The ridge was discovered during the expedition of HMS Challenger in 1872. A team of scientists on board, led by Charles Wyville Thomson, discovered a large rise in the middle of the Atlantic while investigating the future location for a transatlantic telegraph cable.

What do scientists think causes the movement of Earth’s plates quizlet?

What do scientists think caused the movement of Earth’s plates? Convection currents in the mantle.

What type of plate movement or boundary is happening in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge?

A divergent boundary occurs when two tectonic plates move away from each other. Along these boundaries, earthquakes are common and magma (molten rock) rises from the Earth’s mantle to the surface, solidifying to create new oceanic crust. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is an example of divergent plate boundaries.

What does plate tectonic theory predict about the distribution of volcanoes and earthquakes?

What does plate tectonic theory predict about the distribution of volcanoes and earthquakes? They should be evenly distributed throughout the earth.

What causes the mid ocean ridges to form?

The mid-ocean ridge is a continuous range of undersea volcanic mountains that encircles the globe almost entirely underwater. … It formed and evolves as a result of spreading in Earth’s lithosphere—the crust and upper mantle—at the divergent boundaries between tectonic plates.

What happens to new oceanic crust at mid ocean ridge?

New oceanic crust is formed at mid-ocean ridges. … At mid-ocean ridges, tectonic plates move apart and seafloor spreading occurs. Seafloor spreading is the process by which new oceanic lithosphere forms at mid-ocean ridges. As tectonic plates move away from each other, magma rises from Earth’s interior.

What happens during sea floor spreading?

Seafloor spreading occurs at divergent plate boundaries. As tectonic plates slowly move away from each other, heat from the mantle’s convection currents makes the crust more plastic and less dense. The less-dense material rises, often forming a mountain or elevated area of the seafloor. Eventually, the crust cracks.

What did Harry Hess find significant about mid ocean ridges quizlet?

Harry Hess said that hot, less-dense material rises toward the surface at mid ocean ridges, then it flows sideways carrying the seafloor away from the ridge in both directions. It explains seafloor movement because the seafloor is getting pushed away.

What patterns did scientists observe in the ages and magnetism of ocean rocks?

When scientists studied the magnetic properties of the seafloor, they discovered normal and reversed magnetic stripes with different widths. These magnetic patterns are parallel to the mid-ocean ridges and symmetrical on both sides.

What is the pattern seen in the magnetic stripes on the seafloor?

what did scientists in a submersible see when they observed the mid ocean ridge

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