what has the greatest effect on wind speed

Record Value 135 m/s (302 mph)
Date of Event 3/5/1999
Length of Record ~1996-present
Geospatial Location Bridge Creek Oklahoma [35°14’N, 97°44’W, elevation 416 m (1365 ft)]

What is the highest wind speed ever recorded in a hurricane?

The most intense U.S. hurricane at landfall by pressure, the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935, was estimated to have maximum sustained winds of 185 mph at landfall in the Florida Keys.

How windy is very windy?

Breezy is described as a sustained wind speed from 15-25 mph. Windy is a sustained wind speed from 20-30 mph. What makes a very windy day? Sustained winds between 30-40 mph.

What is a Level 5 wind?

5. 17-21. Fresh Breeze. Moderate waves 4-8 ft taking longer form, many whitecaps, some spray. Small trees in leaf begin to sway.

Is 21 mph wind fast?

“Windy” conditions. Sustained wind speeds of 21 to 25 mph, or frequent wind gusts of 30 to 35 mph. ” A Very Low Threat to Life and Property from High Wind.” “Breezy” to “Windy” conditions.

When wind speed increases the pressure?

Explanation: when wind speed increases the air particles are moving away from a particular place and hence the air pressure decreases . If the speed of the wind increases , the pressure is decreased and if the speed decreases the pressure increases.

How does wind speed affect air pressure?

Wind is air pressure converted into movement of air. When air slows down, its pressure increases. The kinetic energy or momentum of a moving air mass is converted in static atmospheric pressure as the air mass slows down. This means that higher wind speeds will show lower air pressure readings.

What is the ultimate energy source for most wind?

Solar radiation is the ultimate energy source for most wind.

What is violent wind?

(literary) a violent wind. whirlwind. a more or less vertical column of air whirling around itself as it moves over the surface of the Earth. type of: atmospheric phenomenon. a physical phenomenon associated with the atmosphere.

What are the 4 types of winds?

Types of Wind – Planetary, Trade, Westerlies, Periodic & Local Winds.

What are the 3 types of winds?

The three chief types of winds are Trade winds, Westerlies, and polar winds.

How do you increase wind speed?

Obviously wind is a naturally occurring phenomenon beyond humankind’s manipulation, but there is one thing that can be done to increase wind speeds experienced by a wind turbine at a given location; go upwards by increasing the tower height.

Does temperature affect wind speed?

Temperature differences between air masses lead to pressure differences, and this produces wind. The winter brings higher temperature gradients, especially when cold fronts move in from polar regions, and this causes wind speeds that are higher than normal.

Which factors increase the speed of wind class 7?

Front: Front like sea breeze or mountains that help in lifting the warm air upwards. Rapidly rising warm air: Due to Sun’s heat, the temperature of place rises. The rise in temperature warms the air and create strong winds which arise in the upward direction. Thunderstorms develop in hot and humid areas like India.

What causes wind?

Wind is the movement of air caused by the uneven heating of the Earth by the sun. … Warm equatorial air rises higher into the atmosphere and migrates toward the poles. This is a low-pressure system. At the same time, cooler, denser air moves over Earth’s surface toward the Equator to replace the heated air.

What causes the Coriolis effect?

The Coriolis effect is a natural event in which objects seem to get deflected while traveling around and above Earth. The planet Earth is constantly rotating, or spinning, from west to east. Every 24 hours, it completes a full rotation. This rotation causes the Coriolis effect.

What wind speed can pick up a human?

An average person could be moved by a 67 mph wind, and an average car can be moved by a 90 mph wind.

What state has the strongest winds?

Here are the 10 states with the most wind:

  • Alaska (21.9)
  • Wyoming (21.5)
  • Michigan (20.9)
  • Montana (20.5)
  • Nebraska (20.5)
  • South Dakota (20.3)
  • Oklahoma (20.2)
  • Wisconsin (20.2)

Why is the wind so strong on Mount Washington?

Washington is the highest point in a region known for its weather extremes. New England’s geography helps create huge temperature variations because arctic air in the cool season can come in contact with air warmed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Has there ever been an F5 tornado?

In the United States, between 1950 and January 31, 2007, a total of 50 tornadoes were officially rated F5, and since February 1, 2007, a total of nine tornadoes have been officially rated EF5. Since 1950, Canada has had one tornado officially rated an F5.

Has Canada ever had an F5 tornado?

what has the greatest effect on wind speed

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