what is an abiotic factor in a tropical rainforest

There are two types of rainforests, tropical and temperate. Tropical rainforests are found closer to the equator where it is warm. Temperate rainforests are found near the cooler coastal areas further north or south of the equator. The tropical rainforest is a hot, moist biome where it rains all year long.

Where are most tropical rainforests located quizlet?

Tropical rainforests are located around central America, north and East south America (The Amazon), central Africa and South East Asia.

What is the abiotic factor in a tropical rainforest plant life canopy trees rain?

The abiotic factors of this rain forest biome are: the amount of water and sunlight, its climate and weather, and the levels of precipitation. These factors affect the trees and animals that live there.

Which is an abiotic factor that can be found in a rainforest ecosystem answers?

Several abiotic (non-living) factors affect temperate rain forest ecosystems. These include water, temperature, topography, light, wind and soil.

Which abiotic factor is most responsible for the tropical rainforest biome having so much biodiversity?

Climate includes temperature and precipitation, and it determines growing season and soil quality. It is the major factor affecting the number and diversity of plants in terrestrial biomes. By affecting plants, which are the main producers, climate affects the biodiversity of terrestrial biomes.

What are the 7 abiotic factors?

In biology, abiotic factors can include water, light, radiation, temperature, humidity, atmosphere, acidity, and soil.

What are 3 abiotic factors in the forest?

Biotic factors of a forest ecosystem include all the living things present on the forest floor, trees and even human beings. Abiotic factors are sunlight, water, temperature, soil, salinity, etc.

What are the abiotic factors in the ocean?

Abiotic factors include sunlight, temperature, moisture, wind or water currents, soil type, and nutrient availability. Ocean ecosystems are impacted by abiotic factors in ways that may be different from terrestrial ecosystems.

What are abiotic resources 8?

Abiotic Resources: Abiotic Resources are resources that are non-living. These resources fall under the larger category of natural resources which occur naturally within the environment and aren’t created or produced by humans. Abiotic factors are nonliving physical and chemical elements within the ecosystem.

How do abiotic factors affect biotic factors in the ocean?

The abiotic factors will define which organisms are able or not to live in a specified place. The living organisms will constitute the biotic factors, which define if and how can an organism live in a specified environment. So, the abiotic factors are controling the biotic factors of an environment. Hope it helps you !

Which is not an example of abiotic factor in the environment?

Environment Education

Plants are not an example of an abiotic factors. Explanation: Our environment comprises of two factors namely biotic factors and abiotic factors. Biotic factors are those in ecosystem that consists of all living organisms such as plants, trees, humans, insects, animals, birds, etc.

What factors affect tropical rainforests?

Throughout their existence, tropical rainforests have been affected by natural forces like fire, drought, and storms. These events occur on a random basis and can damage large stretches of rainforest.

What are the environmental factors that define a tropical rainforest?

The tropical rainforest biome has four main characteristics: very high annual rainfall, high average temperatures, nutrient-poor soil, and high levels of biodiversity (species richness). Rainfall: The word “rainforest” implies that these are the some of the world’s wettest ecosystems.

Are trees abiotic or biotic?

The most obvious features of any forest ecosystem are its trees, the dominant biotic feature.

Which two abiotic factors are most influential in the tropical rainforest?

Abiotic factors in a tropical rain forest include water, a warm climate,sunlight, and soil nutrients. All organisms and populations in the tropical rain forest depend on water and warm temperatures. Plants depends directly on sunlight and soil nutrients.

What is the difference between biotic and abiotic factors?

Description. Biotic and abiotic factors are what make up ecosystems. Biotic factors are living things within an ecosystem; such as plants, animals, and bacteria, while abiotic are non-living components; such as water, soil and atmosphere.

What is a biotic element found in the tropical rainforest biome?

Plants are a biotic element in a tropical rainforest biome. Biotic means living. Abiotic would be nonliving, such as wind, light, and water.

How do abiotic and biotic factors work together in the coral reef?

Biotic factors include plants, animals, and microbes; important abiotic factors include the amount of sunlight in the ecosystem, the amount of oxygen and nutrients dissolved in the water, proximity to land, depth, and temperature. Sunlight is one the most important abiotic factors for marine ecosystems.

Which example is a biotic factor of an aquarium environment?

Biotic factors — alive elements in an ecosystem — exist in three main groups, split into five groups total: producers, consumers (herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores) and decomposers. In aquatic systems, examples of these include algae, dugongs, sharks, turtles and anaerobic bacteria.

Is the sun an abiotic factor?

Abiotic factorsare the non-living parts of the environment that can often have a major influence on living organisms. Abiotic factors include water, sunlight, oxygen, soil and temperature.

What is the tallest layer in the tropical rainforest?

The top layer of the rainforest is the emergent layer. Here, trees as tall as 60 meters (200 feet) dominate the skyline.


Term Part of Speech Definition
emergent layer noun uppermost layer of a forest, where sunlight is plentiful and trees tower on thin trunks.

Why is it called the emergent layer?

what is an abiotic factor in a tropical rainforest

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