what is one effect of the unequal distribution of resources

What Is One Effect Of The Unequal Distribution Of Resources?

One of the most striking examples of the unequal distribution of resources on the planet is the existence of chronic hunger in some parts of the world. Especially for children, hunger can be deadly or have grave consequences.

What are some effects of the unequal distribution of resources?

Poverty, hunger, homelessness, illiteracy, preventable disease, polluted air and water, and most of the other ills that beset humanity have the same root cause: the inequitable distribution of the planet’s wealth and resources.

What is the reason for unequal resource distribution?

Unequal resource distribution

The distribution of natural resources depends upon many physical factors like land, climate and altitude. The distribution of resources is unequal because these factors differ from place to place on this earth.

What are the factors affecting the distribution of resources?

The main factors affecting distribution of resources are… Climate, topography, soil, landforms, government policies, sea cost….

What is uneven resource distribution?

Resources are distributed in different ways and in different amounts throughout the world. Often the result of past geologic processes such as volcanic activity or tectonic movement, this unequal distribution means that various quantities of certain resources are only available to some people.

What is unequal distribution?

Unequal distribution of wealth is a situation where available resources are not distributed evenly amongst the population. … On a national level, unequal distribution relates more with income and consumption amongst smaller groups of people.

Why is equal distribution of resources important?

Equitable distribution of resources provides equal rights to all sections of society (rich and poor) to access these resources. It prevents the division of society and accumulation of resources in the hands of a few persons. It helps to maintain the continuous flow of resources so that everyone can get their share.

What is the human impact on distribution of resources?

The impact of so many humans on the environment takes two major forms: consumption of resources such as land, food, water, air, fossil fuels and minerals. waste products as a result of consumption such as air and water pollutants, toxic materials and greenhouse gases.

How does distribution of resources affect global trade patterns?

How does the distribution of resources affect global trade patterns? When nations do not have all the resources and goods they want, they usually establish a trading network. Exports and Imports. … The difference is the emergence of worldwide production markets and broader access to foreign goods for consumers.

How does uneven distribution of natural resources lead to countries trading with one another?

Uneven distribution of natural resources often leads to countries trading with one another. Explanation: As resources in the world are not distributed equally many countries in order to have to balance the allocation of resources trade with each other in terms of exports and imports.

Why is there uneven distribution of population in world?

Geographical, cultural, economical and social factors influence spatial distribution of population. Since these factors vary across our planet, we have an uneven distribution of population in the world. … Social factors like proper health, educational and transport facilities, determine the population of an area too.

What is equal distribution of resources?

The Index measures to what extent resources – both tangible and intangible – are equally distributed in society. … For individuals to effectively exercise their rights and freedoms, their basic needs such as food, water, housing, education and healthcare must be met.

What is the effect of the inequality of opportunity?

In societies where opportunities are unequal, including across generations, an increase in income inequality tends to become entrenched, which limits the potential and prospects of low-income earners, and stymies long-term growth.

What are economic causes of inequalities?

Inequality is a vicious cycle

The reason is simple: People who already hold wealth have the resources to invest or to leverage the accumulation of wealth, which creates new wealth. The process of wealth concentration arguably makes economic inequality a vicious cycle.

Who is affected by economic inequality?

Across income groups, U.S. adults are about equally likely to say there is too much economic inequality. But upper- (27%) and middle-income Americans (26%) are more likely than those with lower incomes (17%) to say that there is about the right amount of economic inequality.

Why should there be equal distribution of resources list three forces that would be working against an equitable distribution of our resources?

Natural resources of the Earth must be distributed among the people uniformly so that each and everyone gets his share of the resource. Human greed, corruption, and the lobby of the rich and powerful are the forces working against an equitable distribution of resources.

Why is distribution of income important?

Why is it Important? Equitable distribution of income allows for social harmony and cohesion. If wealth is too unevenly distributed, then majority members of an economy will be disadvantaged at the expense of very few who are well off.

Why do you think that an equitable distribution of resources has become essential Why will our planet be in danger?

Answer: (i) An equitable distribution of resources has become essential for a sustained quality of life and global peace. (ii) If the present trend of resource depletion by a few individuals and countries continues, the future of our planet is in danger.

How does location affect natural resources?

Natural resources are unevenly distributed around the world. Some regions have plenty of certain resources but lack some others. Their location is affected by geological, biological and climatic factors. The fresh water of the Amazon is influenced by climatic factors, like rain and melting glaciers.

How is overpopulation affecting the environment?

2 Population is growing rapidly, far outpacing the ability of our planet to support it, given current practices. Overpopulation is associated with negative environmental and economic outcomes ranging from the impacts of over-farming, deforestation, and water pollution to eutrophication and global warming.

What affects the distribution of living things on Earth?

Biogeography is the study of the geographic distribution of living things and the abiotic (non-living) factors that affect their distribution. Abiotic factors can include temperature, moisture, nutrients, oxygen, and energy availability, as well as disturbances from events such as wind and fire.

What factors affect the location of different economic activities?

Factors that influence where an industry locates include:

  • power supply.
  • communications – including transport, telecommunications.
  • labour supply – including workers with the right skills.
  • access to market – where the goods are sold.
  • grants and financial incentives – usually from governments.
  • raw materials.

What factors affect the location of the different types of economic activities?

Terms in this set (8)

  • Location factors. The needs of the activity, e.g. space (most often land), raw materials or labour (workers) etc.
  • Commercial farming. …
  • Supply. …
  • Accessibility. …
  • Sphere of influence. …
  • Decentralisation. …
  • High-tech industries. …
  • Central Business District (CBD)

What is a direct effect of shortages of natural resources?

The direct environmental impacts of resource use include the degradation of fertile land, water shortages, waste generation, toxic pollution, and biodiversity loss in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems.

How does natural resources affect international trade?

Natural resources account for 20% of world trade and dominate the exports of many countries. … The instruments used include export taxes, price controls, production quotas, and domestic producer and consumer taxes (equivalent to trade taxes if no domestic production is possible).

How does the distribution of resources impact the wealth of a country?

Wealth and prosperity depend on: (1) what resources a country has access to (what resources they can get or end up with) and (2) what the country does with them (the efforts and skills of workers and the technology available for making the most of those resources).

Is the depletion of our natural resources caused by economic globalization?

The increasing pace of globalization and how it affects the environment has been a major global concern. … This indirectly contributes to the exploitation of the environment and the depletion of natural resources.

What are the reasons for uneven distribution of population in the world class 8?

Answer: Following are the main causes of uneven distribution of population in the world:

  • Geographical causes: Topography, climate, soil, water and mineral.
  • Social, cultural and economic causes.

Why is three uneven distribution of population in the world?

Answer: Following are the main causes of uneven distribution of population in the world: Geographical causes: Topography, climate, soil, water and mineral. Social, cultural and economic causes.

What are the possible reasons why populations are distributed in different manner?

The density of organisms varies depending on a variety of factors. Deaths, births, immigration, and emigration are all processes that can impact population density at a given time.

How does uneven distribution of water on land affect the nations?

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