what is the approximate latitude of quito ecuador

What Is The Approximate Latitude Of Quito Ecuador?

Putting the longitude and latitude together gives us these coordinates for Quito Ecuador. Coordinates for Quito Ecuador: DMS: 0° 12′ 33.12″ S, 78° 29′ 54.96″ W.Putting the longitude and latitude

longitude and latitude

The invention of a geographic coordinate system is generally credited to Eratosthenes of Cyrene, who composed his now-lost Geography at the Library of Alexandria in the 3rd century BC.

What is the latitude of Quito Ecuador?

0.1807° S, 78.4678° W

What is the approximate latitude for Ecuador?

The latitude of Ecuador is 1.8312° S, meaning Ecuador is situated below the equator, indicated by the letter S. The longitude of Ecuador is 78.1834° W, which places this country in the western hemisphere.

How far is Quito Ecuador from the equator?

The central square of Quito is located about 25 km (16 mi) south of the equator; the city itself extends to within about 1 km (0.62 mi) of zero latitude.

What names line of latitude passes just north of Quito Ecuador?

The equator line, separating the northern and southern hemisphere of the Earth, passes about 25 kilometers (~16 miles) north of Quito. On the land called Mitad del Mundo (middle of the world), this bright yellow line shows where north meets south.

What are the approximate latitude and longitude of Manaus Brazil?

Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil Lat Long Coordinates Info

Country Brazil
Latitude -3.117034
Longitude -60.025780
DMS Lat 3° 7′ 1.3224” S
DMS Long 60° 1′ 32.8080” W

What are the latitude and longitude of Baghdad?

33.3152° N, 44.3661° E

What is the latitude and longitude of Solomon Islands?

9.6457° S, 160.1562° E

What country is Quito?

of Ecuador
Quito, the capital of Ecuador, was founded in the 16th century on the ruins of an Inca city and stands at an altitude of 2,850 m.

What is the longitude and latitude of Madrid?

40.4168° N, 3.7038° W

How far is Quito from the ocean?

The distance between Quito and Pacific Ocean Park is 3524 miles.

Is Quito the center of the world?

The Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (Spanish: [La mitad del mundo], Middle of the World City) is a tract of land owned by the prefecture of the province of Pichincha, Ecuador. It is located at San Antonio parish of the canton of Quito, 26 km (16 mi) north of the center of Quito.

Ciudad Mitad del Mundo
Status Open all year

Is Quito in the northern or southern hemisphere?

The Quito area is also the only place in the world where you can put one foot in the Northern Hemisphere and the other one in the Southern Hemisphere … at the same time!

How many latitude lines are there?

Latitude is the measurement of distance north or south of the Equator. It is measured with 180 imaginary lines that form circles around the Earth east-west, parallel to the Equator. These lines are known as parallels.

What is an example of latitude?

Latitude tells you where you are between the North Pole and the South Pole. The equator is zero degrees, the North Pole is 90 degrees North, and the South Pole is 90 degrees South, and in between is in between. … An example would be the equator, which is at zero degrees of latitude.

What are latitudes Class 6?

Latitudes are imaginary lines that run from west to east, ranging from zero to 90 degrees. … The North and South Poles are at 90 degrees from the equator. The distance from the equator to the poles is 1/4th of the circle around the earth.

What is Tokyo latitude and longitude?

35.6762° N, 139.6503° E

What are the approximate coordinates of Tokyo?

Tokyo, Japan Lat Long Coordinates Info

The latitude of Tokyo, Japan is 35.652832, and the longitude is 139.839478. Tokyo, Japan is located at Japan country in the Cities place category with the gps coordinates of 35° 39′ 10.1952” N and 139° 50′ 22.1208” E.

What is the latitude and longitude of Kinshasa?

4.4419° S, 15.2663° E

What is the latitude and longitude of Doha?

25.2854° N, 51.5310° E

What is the latitude of Moscow?

55.7558° N, 37.6173° E

What is the latitude and longitude of Iraq?

33.2232° N, 43.6793° E

What is India’s latitude and longitude?

20.5937° N, 78.9629° E

What is the latitude of New Zealand South Island?

45.1527° S, 169.8926° E

What is the relative location of Solomon Islands?

It is geographically positioned in the Southern and Eastern hemispheres of the Earth. Solomon Islands is situated to the southeast of Papua New Guinea and to the northwest of Vanuatu.

What is Quito most known for?

The oldest of all South American capitals, Quito is notable for its well-preserved old town, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1978. Church of San Agustín, on the Plaza Mayor, also called Plaza de la Independencia (“Independence Square”), Quito, Ecuador.

What language do they speak in Ecuador?

Ecuador/Official languages
Ecuador’s official language is Spanish, but Quichua, the lingua franca of the Inca Empire, is spoken by many of the indigenous people. Nine additional indigenous languages are also spoken in Ecuador.

How did Quito get its name?

Although the history of Quito is often dated from the period of Spanish colonisation in the 16th century, it takes its name from the Quitus, a pre-Inca tribe that inhabited the valley centuries before.

What is the latitude of Barcelona?

41.3874° N, 2.1686° E

What is the longitude and latitude of Athens?

37.9838° N, 23.7275° E

What is the latitude of Havana?

23.1136° N, 82.3666° W

Is there a beach in Quito?

Quito is the capital of Ecuador. It is an incredible destination to visit, full of history and natural wonders very close to the city, but it has no beaches. The closest beaches to Quito are on the Pacific coast. The nearest beach is Atacames, Esmeraldas.

What is Ecuador famous food?

Ecuador Food and Drink

  • Cuy: Roast guinea pig.
  • Locro: Soup of potatoes, corn, cheese and avocado.
  • Empanadas: Corn pasties stuffed with meat, cheese or vegetables.
  • Llapingachos: Cheesy potato cakes.
  • Seco de chivo: Goat stew usually served on special occasions.
  • Ceviche: Raw seafood ‘cooked’ in lime and chilli.

Does Ecuador have good beaches?

what is the approximate latitude of quito ecuador

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