what is the definition of american revolution

The American Revolution was the campaign by the American colonies to gain independence from Britain. It began in the 1760s when the friendly relationship between Great Britain and the colonies became strained.

Why was the American revolution successful?

The American Revolution was a successful revolt of the colonies and their mother country in a fight for their independence. It was successful, because the new independent country known as the United States of America was formed, and can still be seen today. However, the revolution goes very in depth on how it happened.

How many people died in the American Revolution?

6,800 Americans
Throughout the course of the war, an estimated 6,800 Americans were killed in action, 6,100 wounded, and upwards of 20,000 were taken prisoner. Historians believe that at least an additional 17,000 deaths were the result of disease, including about 8,000–12,000 who died while prisoners of war.

How did the Patriots win the American Revolution?

The Patriots had pulled off the most improvable upset by defeating the most powerful military of the day. … Although the British had more troops, were highly trained, had more supplies, and a strong navy, the Patriots prevailed.

How many British died in the Revolutionary War?

24,000 British troops died during the American Revolution. Around 20% of the German soldiers that fought with the British decided to stay. After the war, those loyal to Britain returned to England or went to Canada or the Bahamas. Fifty-five thousand of those serving on the colonial side were privateers during the war.

What happened in the American revolution?

The Americans in the Thirteen Colonies formed independent states that defeated the British in the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), gaining independence from the British Crown and establishing the United States of America, the first modern constitutional liberal democracy.

What does revolution mean in physics?

When an object turns around an internal axis (like the Earth turns around its axis) it is called a rotation. When an object circles an external axis (like the Earth circles the sun) it is called a revolution.

What is the definition of revolution in social studies?

noun. an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed. Sociology. a radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, especially one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence. Compare social evolution.

Was the American Revolution a civil war?

The American Revolution, while not often called a civil war by modern historians, was referred to as a civil war in its first year, until William Henry Drayton, South Carolina’s chief justice, first used the term “American Revolution” in 1776. One major difference between the two terms is length.

What battle ended the American Revolution?

The outcome in Yorktown, Virginia marked the conclusion of the last major battle of the American Revolution and the start of a new nation’s independence.

What Treaty ended the American Revolution?

On September 3, 1783, the United States and Great Britain signed the Treaty of Paris, formally ending the Revolutionary War.

What are the 3 revolutions?

The three revolutions were first a national revolution which involves the overthrow of colonialism, second, the Arab revolution which involves the defeat of division and false frontiers created by outsiders, and third the social revolution which involves the creation of an honorable living in fulfilment of social …

What’s a revolution in science?

revolution. 1. The act of revolving, or turning round on an axis or a center; the motion of a body round a fixed point or line; rotation; as, the revolution of a wheel, of a top, of the earth on its axis, etc.

What does revolution mean in geography?

Revolution is the movement of the Earth around the Sun. … The path of the Earth moving around the Sun is called an orbit. The Earth’s orbit is elliptical.

What was King George’s role in the American Revolution?

Early in 1776, King George consented to the hiring of thousands of Hessian mercenaries to assist the British troops already in America in crushing the rebellion. … The Revolutionary War lasted nearly eight years, largely because King George refused to surrender the colonies.

Who did America defeat in the American War of Independence?

The American Revolutionary War (April 19, 1775 – September 3, 1783), also known as the Revolutionary War or the American War of Independence, was initiated by delegates from thirteen American colonies of British America in Congress against Great Britain.

Why did the British lose the American Revolution?

There are significant reasons why the British lost the war despite having the upper hand in terms of weaponry and soldiers. Some of these include: the British fighting on American land, General Howe’s lack of judgment, and the surrender of Lord Cornwallis and his soldiers.

Who led the American Revolution?

General George Washington
General George Washington led the American army to victory during the Revolutionary War. Despite having little practical experience in managing large, conventional armies, Washington proved to be a capable and resilient leader of the American military forces during the Revolutionary War.

Who are the key figures in the revolution in North America?

During the American Revolution, a number of men and women rose to prominence: George Washington, Abigail Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and countless others distinguished themselves by their courage, patriotism, wisdom and talent.

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