what is the latitude of cairo egypt

For example, the latitude for Cairo, Egypt, in degrees and minutes would be written as 29° 52′ N, because the city is 29 degrees, 52 minutes north of the Equator. The latitude for Cape Town, South Africa, would be 33° 56′ S, because the city is 33 degrees, 56 minutes south of the Equator.

What is the approximate location of Cairo Egypt?

The absolute location of Cairo, Egypt, is 30 degrees 2 minutes north latitude and 31 degrees 41 minutes east latitude. The relative location of Cairo, Egypt would be north of the Tropic of Cancer and south of the Mediterranean Sea in northeastern Africa.

What hemisphere is Cairo Egypt in?

Egypt is located in the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres of the Earth.Feb 24, 2021

What is the latitude and longitude of Kenya?

0.0236° S, 37.9062° E

What is the latitude of Cape Town?

33.9249° S, 18.4241° E

What country is Cairo in?

Cairo, Arabic Al-Qāhirah (“The Victorious”), city, capital of Egypt, and one of the largest cities in Africa.

Is Cairo in the northern hemisphere?

Cairo is 2,077.28 mi (3,343.05 km) north of the equator, so it is located in the northern hemisphere.

What is the latitude and longitude of Istanbul?

41.0082° N, 28.9784° E

What is the latitude and longitude of Iran?

The latitudinal coordinate of Iran is 32.4279° N, and therefore, Iran is located above the equator in the northern hemisphere. With a longitudinal coordinate of 53.6880° E, Iran is positioned in the eastern hemisphere as well.

What is the latitude and longitude of Jerusalem Israel?

31.7683° N, 35.2137° E

What is the latitude and longitude of Mumbai?

Latitude and Longitude Map of Maharashtra

Location Latitude Longitude
Bombay, (Mumbai) 18° 55′ N 72° 54′ E
Bori 20° 55′ N 79° 05′ E
Bramhapuri 20° 40′ N 79° 56′ E
Buldana 20° 32′ N 76° 14′ E

Is Cairo in the Southern Hemisphere?

Cairo is 2,077.28 mi (3,343.05 km) north of the equator, so it is located in the northern hemisphere.

Is Egypt northern or southern hemisphere?

Egypt is in the Northern Hemisphere. It has a hot and dry climate. The Nile River and the Suez Canal are Egypt’s major transportation arteries.

What hemisphere is Egypt in Eastern or Western?

The map shows Egypt, a country situated mainly in the northeastern corner of the African continent bordering the Mediterranean Sea in the north and the Gulf of Suez, the Gulf of Aqaba, and the Red Sea in the east. The eastern portion of Egypt, the Sinai Peninsula, is situated in Western Asia (Middle East).

What is the latitude of Nairobi?

1.2921° S, 36.8219° E

What is Buenos Aires latitude?

34.6037° S, 58.3816° W

What latitude is New York on?

40.7128° N, 74.0060° W

What is the latitude of South Africa?

30.5595° S, 22.9375° E

What is the longitude and the latitude?

Both longitude and latitude are angles measured with the center of the earth as an origin. A longitude is an angle from the prime merdian, measured to the east (longitudes to the west are negative). Latitudes measure an angle up from the equator (latitudes to the south are negative).

What is the latitude of Perth?

31.9523° S, 115.8613° E

What is a native of Cairo called?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for CAIRO NATIVE [egyptian]

Who built Cairo?


Cairo القاهرة
Country Egypt
Governorate Cairo
Founded 969 AD
Founded by Fatimid dynasty

Can I drink alcohol in Egypt?

Egyptian laws towards alcohol are quite liberal compared with that of most Islamic countries, except for the month of Ramadan when alcohol is strictly forbidden and only holders of foreign passports are allowed to buy alcohol. The legal drinking age in Egypt is 21.

Where is Egypt in relation to the equator?

Egypt is 1,865.52 mi (3,002.27 km) north of the equator, so it is located in the northern hemisphere.

Why does the Nile flow north?

The Nile flows north because north is downhill. Rivers flow “downhill” to sea level (generally speaking; some end in other bodies of water or join another rver). They flow with gravity from a higher elevation to a lower.

What is the latitude and longitude of Paris?

48.8566° N, 2.3522° E

What is the latitude of Izmir?

38.4237° N, 27.1428° E

What is the latitude for London?

51.5072° N, 0.1276° W

What is the latitude of Tehran?

35.6892° N, 51.3890° E

What is the longitude and latitude of Syria?

34.8021° N, 38.9968° E

What is the longitude and latitude of Turkey?

38.9637° N, 35.2433° E

What is the longitude and latitude of Damascus?

33.5138° N, 36.2765° E

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