what is the name for the compound ccl4

What is the name of the covalent compound CCL4?

Carbon tetrachloride is a manufactured chemical that does not occur naturally. It is a clear liquid with a sweet smell that can be detected at low levels. It is also called carbon chloride, methane tetrachloride, perchloromethane, tetrachloroethane, or benziform.

How do you write the name CCL4?

What is the element of CCL4?

Carbon tetrachloride

Chemical formula CCl4
Molar mass 153.81 g/mol
Appearance Colourless liquid
Odor Sweet, chloroform-like odor

What does CCL4 mean in science?

CCL4. Carbon Tetrachloride. Academic & Science » Chemistry.

What is the name of the covalent compound CCl4 quizlet?

Carbon tetrachloride (CCl4 ) is used as a propellant in aerosol cans.

What is the name of the compound cs2?

Carbon disulfide/IUPAC ID
carbon disulfide (CS2), also called Carbon Bisulfide, a colourless, toxic, highly volatile and flammable liquid chemical compound, large amounts of which are used in the manufacture of viscose rayon, cellophane, and carbon tetrachloride; smaller quantities are employed in solvent extraction processes or converted into …

What is the compound for p4o10?

tricyclo[,7]tetraphosphoxane 1,3,5,7-tetraoxide

Is CCl4 a binary compound?

The name carbon tetrachloride implies one carbon atom and four chlorine atoms, so the formula is CCl 4. The name silicon dioxide implies one silicon atom and two oxygen atoms, so the formula is SiO 2. We have a name that has numerical prefixes on both elements.

5.2 Naming Binary Molecular Compounds.

The Number of Atoms of an Element Prefix
10 deca-

What is the correct formula for carbon tetrafluoride?


Is CCl4 a covalent compound?

More specifically speaking, carbon tetrachloride is a nonpolar covalent compound because the electrons shared by the carbon and chlorine atoms are nearly at the center of the bond. Therefore, the carbon tetrachloride ($CC{{l}_{4}}$) is a covalent compound.

What is the name of the compound with the formula agno3?

Silver nitrate is an inorganic compound with chemical formula AgNO3.


Synonyms Sources
nitric acid silver(I) salt ChemIDplus
silver nitrate ChemIDplus

What is the name for the compound b2h6?

Diborane(6), generally known as diborane, is the chemical compound consisting of boron and hydrogen with the formula B2H6. It is a colorless, pyrophoric gas with a repulsively sweet odor. Synonyms include boroethane, boron hydride, and diboron hexahydride.

Why CCl4 is an organic compound?

Answer: There are organic compounds that do not have any carbon hydrogen bonds like urea (CO(NH2)2) which is the main constituent of urine and carbon tetrachloride (CCl4). CCl4 is considered organic due to its chemical behavior. Methane (CH4) is an organic compound.

Is NaCl soluble in CCl4?

Since NaCl is polar in aqeous solution and Water is also polar so both dissolve each other. But CCl4 posses zero dipole moment hence non polar so NaCl is insoluble in it.

Is CCl4 an electrolyte?

For example, carbon tetrachloride CCl4 when dissolved in water does not dissociate into ions and therefore, it does not conduct electricity. And therefore, it is a non-electrolyte.

What is another name for a molecular compound?

Naming covalent compounds and molecular compounds can be fun! In this tutorial, you will learn how to derive the name of covalent compounds, from the molecular formula. Molecular compound is just another name for a covalent compound, they mean the same thing.

What is the name for the compound n2o4n2o4?

The molecule N2O4 would be dinitrogen tetroxide. For molecular (covalent) compounds the name is determined by the numeric prefixes based upon the number of atoms of each element in the molecule. The “a” at the end of the prefix is dropped if the next letter is an “o”. Thus the name is “tetroxide”, not “tetraoxide”.

What is the name of the covalent compound N2O5 quizlet?

The name for N2O5 is dinitrogen pentoxide. The two atoms of nitrogen require the prefix di- to be used and the five oxygen atoms in the formula are represented by pentoxide. What is the name for the compound with the formula SF6? The name for SF6 is sulfur hexafluoride.

How do you write CS2 name?

Carbon disulfide is an organosulfur compound and a one-carbon compound.

How do you name CS2?

Carbon disulfide, also spelled as carbon disulphide, is a neurotoxic colorless volatile liquid with the formula CS2. The compound is used frequently as a building block in organic chemistry as well as an industrial and chemical non-polar solvent.

What type of compound is carbon disulfide?

organosulfur compound
What is Carbon Disulfide? CS2 is an organosulfur compound and a volatile liquid with chemical name Carbon Disulfide. It is also called Carbon bisulfide or disulfidocarbon or methanedithione. Carbon Disulfide is a solvent for sulfur, bromine, fats, rubber, phosphorus, asphalt, selenium, iodine, and resins.

What is the compounds of H3PO4?

The name of the compound H3PO4 is phosphoric acid.

Is P2O5 and P4O10 the same?

You will find the same quantity in both cases. The same stands for P2O5/P4O10: the true form is usually P4O10 (depending on the solvent), but the 2 forms give the same result at the end.

What is the molar mass of P4O10?

141.944 g/mol

What is the name of the molecular compound p2o5?

tricyclo[,7]tetraphosphoxane 1,3,5,7-tetraoxide

What is the name for the following compound Fe2O3?

Iron(III) oxide or ferric oxide is the inorganic compound with the formula Fe2O3.

What is binary compound examples?

Examples of binary compounds include H2O, H2S, and NH3. Examples of substances that are not chemical compounds include Au, Fe, O, HCN, and HNO3. Binary compounds are substances that consist of exactly two elements; no more, no less.

What’s the formula for carbon?


What is the molar mass of carbon tetrafluoride?

88.0043 g/mol

Why is CCl4 not an ionic compound?

HCl and CCl4 are covalent compounds; hence they cannot be ionic. … Because two atoms share a pair of electrons, hydrochloric acid (HCl) and carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) form covalent bonds. Since they contain positive and negative ions, sodium chloride (NaCl) and potassium chloride (KCl) form ionic compounds.

What element is AgNO3?

Formula and structure: The chemical formula of silver nitrate is AgNO3, and its molar mass is 169.87 g/mol. It is a salt, and its chemical structure consists of the silver cation (Ag+) and the nitrate ion (NO3), in which the central nitrogen atom is covalently bonded to three oxygen atoms with a net charge of -1.

How do you write AgNO3?

How do you name compounds with silver?

How to Write the Name for CCl4

Is CCl4 Polar or Non-polar? (Carbon Tetrachloride)

CCl4 Lewis Structure – How to Draw the Dot Structure for CCl4 (Carbon Tetachloride)

How To Name Ionic Compounds With Transition Metals

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