what is the single most important characteristic in determining the course of a star’s evolution

The position of a star along the main sequence is determined by its mass. High-mass stars emit more energy and are hotter than low-mass stars on the main sequence.

Which characteristic of a single star is difficult to measure directly?

The mass of a star—how much material it contains—is one of its most important characteristics. If we know a star’s mass, as we shall see, we can estimate how long it will shine and what its ultimate fate will be. Yet the mass of a star is very difficult to measure directly.

Which characteristic is used to measure the amount of light radiated by a star?

Luminosity is the amount of light that a star radiates. The size of the star and its surface temperature determine its luminosity.

Which of the following has contributed most to our understanding of the process of star formation?

Which of the following has contributed most to our understanding of the process of star formation? Astronomers have observed many different stars at each step of the formation process. … A single molecular cloud fragments as it collapses, forming many stars at once.

What determines the final outcome of stars?

A star’s life cycle is determined by its mass. … As the main sequence star glows, hydrogen in its core is converted into helium by nuclear fusion. When the hydrogen supply in the core begins to run out, and the star is no longer generating heat by nuclear fusion, the core becomes unstable and contracts.

What is the fundamental property of a star that determines its end state?

What property of a star determines how the star will end its life? Mass– the life cycle is determined by the mass of the star. you see, the heavier the star, the shorter its lifespan. very heavy stars only live ~100.000 years, while stars like the sun can last billions of years.

Which property of a star is most important in determining its life span?

They are all undergoing fusion of hydrogen into helium within their cores. The rate at which they do this and the amount of fuel available depends upon the mass of the star. Mass is the key factor in determining the lifespan of a main sequence star, its size and its luminosity.

What is the characteristic common to the stars in a constellation?

Astronomers classify stars according to their physical characteristics. Characteristics used to classify stars include color, temperature, size, composition, and brightness. Stars vary in their chemical composition.

What is the most important observable property of stars?

Most important is the composition of the solar surface. In Chapter 5 we examine how the photosphere of a star emits light in a black-body spectrum and how this is modulated by atomic absorptions further out in the star’s atmosphere (see also Sec.

What are the importance of stars?

The reason why stars are so important is because they have helped humans navigate through Earth . When it was dark these stars would light up the sky giving people light . In addition stars are very important because they make life on Earth.

How do astronomers know that some stars are binary stars?

Spectroscopic binaries appear close even when viewed through a telescope. Scientists must measure the wavelengths of the light the stars emit and determine their binary nature based on features of those measurements.

Which two characteristics are used to classify stars on the Hertzsprung?

The characteristics that are used in order to classify the stars on the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram are size, density, temperature, and absolute brightness.

What are the main properties of stars quizlet?

List the 5 Characteristics used to classify stars. color, temperature, size, composition, and brightness.

What benefit do we get from learning of the characteristics of stars?

It is much closer to us than any other star, and by studying the sun, we can therefore learn more about other stars. The better we understand other stars, the more we know about the Milky Way. From there we know more about other galaxies and in the end we learn more about the universe.

What are four properties of stars and how are they determined using spectroscopy?

A stellar spectrum can reveal many properties of stars, such as their chemical composition, temperature, density, mass, distance and luminosity. Spectroscopy can show the velocity of motion towards or away from the observer by measuring the Doppler shift.

What is characteristic of a main sequence star quizlet?

What is characteristic of a main sequence star? The rate of nuclear energy generated in the hydrogen to helium fusing core equals the rate radiated from the surface. The birth of stars is a battle between gravity and radiation pressure.

What single quantity determines the evolutionary path of a star?

Two quantities, mass and age, are probably most fundamental. The progress of a star’s life is predestined by its mass, because ultimately the mass determines how much energy the star can produce and how quickly it will do so. The age of a star tells you how far along it is in its evolution.

What characteristic of a star primarily determines its location on the main sequence?

What characteristic of a star primarily determines its location on the main sequence? nuclear fusion. Why do higher mass stars live shorter lives on the main sequence than lower mass stars? Higher mass stars burn through their nuclear fuel faster.

What are the pieces of evidence supporting the star formation theory?

These three pieces of evidence, 1) stellar evolu- tion theory, 2) expanding OB associations and 3) the interstellar medium, constitute three basic “proofs” of ongoing star formation in the Milky Way.

What main factor determines how a star evolves after main sequence?

The primary factor determining how a star evolves is its mass as it reaches the main sequence.

What basic property of a star determines its color and thus its spectral type?

The spectral type of a star uniquely determines its color. Redder main-sequence stars are fainter on average than bluer main-sequence stars. Based on this, what basic property of a star determines its color (and thus its spectral type)? Temperature.

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