what kind of government does sparta have

What type of government was Sparta?

In the city-state of Sparta, an oligarchy controlled the power. The citizens had little say in the decisions made by the government but, at the time, this was the structure that existed. The Spartans gave up an emphasis on comfort and culture for a more disciplined military approach.

What kind of government did Sparta have quizlet?

Sparta was called an oligarchy because the real power was in the hands of a few people. The important decisions were made by the council of elders. Council members had to be at least 60 and wealthy. Council members served for life.

Was Sparta a democracy?

Ancient Greece, in its early period, was a loose collection of independent city states called poleis. Many of these poleis were oligarchies. … Yet Sparta, in its rejection of private wealth as a primary social differentiator, was a peculiar kind of oligarchy and some scholars note its resemblance to democracy.

What was Athens government?

Classical Athens/Government
Athenian democracy refers to the system of democratic government used in Athens, Greece from the 5th to 4th century BCE. Under this system, all male citizens – the dēmos – had equal political rights, freedom of speech, and the opportunity to participate directly in the political arena.

How did the government in Sparta differ from the government in Athens?

Sparta was ruled by two kings, who ruled until they died or were forced out of office. Athens was ruled by archons, who were elected annually. Thus, because both parts of Athens’ government had leaders who were elected, Athens is said to have been the birthplace of democracy. Spartan life was simple.

Which best describes the Spartan government quizlet?

Terms in this set (10) Which best describes the Spartan government? It had elements of democracy, oligarchy, and monarchy.

What made Athens a democracy?

Greek democracy created at Athens was direct, rather than representative: any adult male citizen over the age of 20 could take part, and it was a duty to do so. The officials of the democracy were in part elected by the Assembly and in large part chosen by lottery in a process called sortition.

Was Sparta a dictatorship?

Among the ancient city-states, Sparta was the most feared. It had evolved over 700 years into a repressive oligarchic society that has been portrayed by political scientists as the model for the 20th-century totalitarian dictatorship of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Fascist Italy, and Communist China.

Did Sparta have a good government?

Sparta had a highly unusual system of government. Two kings ruled the city, but a 28-member ‘council of elders’ limited their powers. These men were recruited from the highest social class, the aristocratic Spartiates. … Beneath this highest class was a middle class, called the Perioeci.

Why didn’t Sparta have a democracy?

In the simplest terms, Sparta was not a democracy because the people (demos) did not have power (kratos). Sparta was an oligarchy ruled by two kings, a council of elders called the Gerousia, and a board of five officials called Ephors. In the government of the state, the Assembly had little more than an advisory role.

What government did Athens have after democracy?

At the end of that war, when Athens surrendered, democracy was replaced by the oligarchic rule of the Thirty Tyrants (hoi triakonta) (404-403), but radical democracy returned.

Who ruled Sparta?

The Spartan Political System

Sparta functioned under an oligarchy. The state was ruled by two hereditary kings of the Agiad and Eurypontid families, both supposedly descendants of Heracles, and equal in authority so that one could not act against the power and political enactments of his colleague.

Which characteristic of government describes Athens not Sparta?

Terms in this set (10) Which characteristic of government describes Athens, not Sparta? All citizens could debate any issue. Who was forced to raise food for the soldiers?

How are the government of Sparta in the United States similar?

How are the governments of Sparta and the United States similar? Both systems separate governmental powers into three different branches. How did Pericles influence the formation of the United States government? … The Romans established a system of justice based on written laws.

Did Athens or Sparta have a representative government to lead the city?

Ancient Greece

Question Answer
This city had a representative government to lead the city. Athens
In this city children were educated to fight. Sparta
This city did not allow weak children to live. Sparta
Form of government where power is held by the people.

How were the governments of Sparta and Athens similar quizlet?

They are alike because both had slaves and women could not take part in government. They are different because Athens was a democracy and Sparta was a strictly-ruled military state. In Athens, women had very few rights. In Sparta, women had more rights than other city-states.

Which is the best description of Spartan society?

Sparta was a warrior society in ancient Greece that reached the height of its power after defeating rival city-state Athens in the Peloponnesian War (431-404 B.C.). Spartan culture was centered on loyalty to the state and military service.

What was characteristic of Spartan society quizlet?

They were economically privleged and had all political power. They were forbidden to engage in farming, trade and industry > done by lower social classes.

Which best describes how Sparta’s culture influenced the city state’s government?

Which best describes how Sparta’s culture influenced the city-state’s government? Sparta was a society based on being prepared for war, and its government was also based on this concept.

What type of democracy does America have?

The United States is a representative democracy. This means that our government is elected by citizens. Here, citizens vote for their government officials. These officials represent the citizens’ ideas and concerns in government.

What is a democratic government?

What is democracy? … A democratic country has a system of government in which the people have the power to participate in decision-making. Each democracy is unique and works in different ways. In some democracies citizens help make decisions directly by voting on laws and policy proposals (direct democracy).

Is direct democracy?

Direct democracy or pure democracy is a form of democracy in which the electorate decides on policy initiatives without legislative representatives as proxies. This differs from the majority of currently established democracies, which are representative democracies.

Why is Sparta’s government better than Athens?

Sparta is far superior to Athens because their army was fierce and protective, girls received some education and women had more freedom than in other poleis. First, the army of Sparta was the strongest fighting force in Greece. … Lastly, Sparta is the best polis of ancient Greece because women had freedom.

Why did Sparta develop its unique form of government?

Why did Sparta develop its unique form of government? – Sparta:Land grab and a military build up to maintain. Built by military culture. … Major Key Question: What were the main stages in the transformation of Athens from an aristocratic state to a democracy between 600 and 500 BCE?

Who made the most important government decisions in Sparta?

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Question Answer
Who made the most important government decisions in Sparta? The Council of Elders
Sparta used heavy iron bars as money. What conclusion does this suggest? Sparta discouraged trade with other city-states

What did the Spartan government control?

Sparta thus came to control some 8,500 km² of territory making the polis or city-state the largest in Greece and a major player in Greek politics. The conquered peoples of Messenia and Laconia, known as perioikoi, had no political rights in Sparta and were often made to serve with the Spartan army.

How was the Spartan government structured?

Spartan political system was a combination of monarchy (kings), oligarchy (Gerousia) and democracy (ephoroi, ephors). … The elders were elected by the Assembly from among the oldest Spartan champions. These were the elders who turned 60 years old elected was for life, and later their mandate reduced to one year.

Was Sparta a monarchy?

Sparta was a constitutional monarchy, made up of the kings, advised by and (supposedly) controlled by a college of ephors; a council of elders called the Gerousia; and an assembly, known as the Apella or Ecclesia. There were five ephors who were elected annually and swore fealty to Sparta rather than the kings.

Did Sparta or Athens have citizens as the upper class?

Upper classes had all power and privilege. Helots (slaves) did all nonmilitary work. All citizens were equal. Women and slaves were excluded from becoming citizens.

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