what was the purpose of incubating the unopened plates

What Was The Purpose Of Incubating The Unopened Plates?

The purpose of incubating unopened plates is to check in there is contamination in the media preparation phase.

What was the purpose of incubating the unopened plates in the instructor demo be specific?

What is the purpose of incubating the unopened plates? To use as a contol group. They will not change so one would have enough to control to study off of.

How would growth on the unopened plates affect the reliability your interpretation of the other plates?

How does growth on the unopened plates affect the reliability (your interpretation) of the other plates? Contamination when agar was plated could cause contamination in all or just one plate. Growth on unopened plates means the other plates could also be contaminated and the results are not sound.

Why do you incubate plates at two different temperatures?

The primary reason for incubating bacterial cultures at different temperatures is that specific bacteria are adapted to grow best at different temperatures.

Why were you asked to incubate the plates at two different temperatures What is the likely source of organisms that grew best at 37?

4) Why were you asked to incubate the plates at two different temperatures? … Capture ubiquity of microbes, some grow fast at room them others grow fast at body temp. Source for microbes at 37C= human body.

What is the purpose of place one Uninoculated plate in each environment tested?

One uninoculated plate from each new lot should also be tested in order to check for contamination of mold or other organisms in the laboratory and/or incubator.

What are some consequences of leaving a stain on a bacterial smear to long?

. What are some consequences of leaving a stain on a bacterial smear too long (over-staining)? Consequences of over-staining are that the cell wall may be broken up or completely destroyed which would result in a loss of morphological characteristics of the bacterial cell.

Did you get growth on in the sterile NB?

Yes, a slight density difference is noticed and as more cells are transferred onto the NB tubes from nutrient broth (NB) and Nutrient agar (NA) slants. The different turbidity in NB is due to different concentrations of bacterial cells present in the broth.

How could you verify the purity of a colony if you found the colony to be a mixture of organisms What could you do to purify it?

If you found the colony to be a mixture of organisms, what could you do to purify it? To purify you would need to perform a T-streak pattern. This would isolate and separate the colonies into individual colonies after incubation. This would allow for the distinction between the two different organisms to be identified.

Why do we incubate?

Incubating the plates to promote growth of microbes is an essential part of any microbiology investigation. Incubating in aerobic conditions, and below human body temperature, reduce the risk of encouraging microorganisms (particularly bacteria) that could be pathogenic to humans.

What is the purpose of transferring the cultures to the refrigerator after the incubation period?

If you cannot return to lab during an “open lab” period, then incubate them at room temperature, or arrange to have your cultures transferred to a refrigerator after they grow, so that the culture won’t die out before you can finish your experiments.

Why is the enriched media plate incubated at 37?

Why do you think the enriched media plate was incubated at 37 C? Because the bacteria was collected on the human body, which is 37 C; so in order for that bacteria to keep growing, it needs to be kept at the same temperature as the body. You just studied 126 terms!

What was the purpose of incubating the Uninoculated plates quizlet?

(Lab 2-1) What is the purpose of incubating the uninoculated plates? The purpose was to have a control group in our experiment. By having untouched plates, we could have examples to compare to our inoculated plates.

Why do we incubate at 25 degrees Celsius?

Inoculated agar plates are incubated at 25°C in school laboratories for no more than 24–48 hours. This encourages growth of the culture without growing human pathogens which thrive at body temperature (37°C). For safety reasons, plates and equipment should be sterilised after use.

How would changing the incubation temperature affect the results?

How would changing the temperature at which the bags were incubated affect the results? Changing the temperature would either produce more mold or inhibit the growth of the mold depending on the conditions and the type of mold attempting to be grown. … A more basic pH would cause considerably more growth.

What purpose did the PR base broths serve?

What purpose did the PR base broths serve? The base set lacks a sugar, so it slows that color change in other tubes truly due to fermentation.

What is the main purpose of agar plates?

Agar plates are the standard solid support material for growing microorganisms. Microbial growth media contains nutrients and an energy source to fuel the microbes as they grow, and agar to keep the media in a semi-solid, gel-like state.

What is the application purpose of EMB Agar?

In your own words, what is the application (purpose) of EMB agar? EMB agar is used to stain gram negative bacteria. It is used to isolate fecal coliforms(G- bacteria rod)*** . It’s used to distinguish between lactose fermenting coliforms and lactose non fermenting coliforms.

What is the purpose of emulsifying the sample in serum in this staining procedure?


What is the purpose of a simple stain?

The simple stain can be used to determine cell shape, size, and arrangement. True to its name, the simple stain is a very simple staining procedure involving only one stain. You may choose from methylene blue, Gram safranin, and Gram crystal violet.

What should be the result of staining a bacterial smear?

What should be the result of staining a bacterial smear with a mixture of eosin and methylene blue? The smears background would turn out red while the cells would turn out blue. Predict the effect on Gram-positive & Gram-negative cells of the following “mistakes” made when performing a Gram stain.

How would a microbiologist determine if their transfers had been successful?

How do you know your transfer to agar slants were successful? Success is presence of growth. If any of your transfers were unsuccessful, suggest possible errors that may have been made in the transfer process. Failure is no growth; or growth of a wide variety of colonies, signaling contamination.

Do you think the broth or the slant will give you the better smear?

More difficult to see in broth because you can only see if growth occurred on the top or bottom etc. Better in slant because you can observe different growth patterns.

Were the three different streak methods appropriate to the cell densities recovered?

Were the three different streak methods appropriate to the cell densities recovered? In general, T-streaks and quadrant streaks are used for samples with expected high cell densities, which the S. epidermis and M. luteus cultures should have had, and therefore should have been appropriate.

How do you test the purity of an isolated colony?

Pure cultures are best obtained by using solid media, by streak plate or pour plate method. Streak plate, if properly done, is the most practical method.

Does the resolving power allow for distinction between two objects in the field of view that are 300nm apart?

You will be able to distinguish two points that are 300 nm apart as being separated because this value is larger than our calculated limit of resolution.

What is the T Streak method?

The three-phase streaking pattern, known as the T-Streak, is recommended for beginners. The streaking is done using a sterile tool, such as a cotton swab or commonly an inoculation loop. … When the loop is cool, it is dipped into an inoculum such as a broth or patient specimen containing many species of bacteria.

What is the purpose of an incubator for bacteria?

what was the purpose of incubating the unopened plates

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