what will most likely happen if there is a change in the base sequence of this molecule

Harmful mutations may cause genetic disorders or cancer. A genetic disorder is a disease caused by a mutation in one or a few genes. A human example is cystic fibrosis. A mutation in a single gene causes the body to produce thick, sticky mucus that clogs the lungs and blocks ducts in digestive organs.

Does a simple change in DNA sequence affect the resulting protein?

A single base change can create a devastating genetic disorder or a beneficial adaptation, or it might have no effect. The resulting protein still consists of 147 amino acids, but because of the single-base mutation, the sixth amino acid in the chain is valine, rather than glutamic acid. …

What causes changes in DNA?

Sunlight, cigarette smoke, and radiation are all known to cause changes to our DNA. These are also random and can happen anywhere in the DNA sequence. Sometimes these mutations don’t change a gene at all and the protein stays the same. Other times they can change the gene’s instructions and we get a different protein.

How might a single base substitution in the sequence?

A gene from an organism can theoretically be expressed by any other organism. … How might a single base substitution in the sequence of a gene affect the amino acid sequence of a protein encoded by the gene? Only a single amino acid could change, because the reading frame would be unaffected.

How would a change to the sequence of nucleotides in a DNA segment affect the mRNA transcribed from the DNA?

How would a change to the sequence of nucleotides in a DNA segment affect the mRNA transcribed from the DNA? … The mRNA strand is similar to the DNA strand except that uracil replaces thymine. The completed mRNA strand then detaches from the DNA strand.

What happens if a base is deleted in DNA?

If one or two bases are deleted the translational frame is altered resulting in a garbled message and nonfunctional product. A deletion of three or more bases leave the reading frame intact. A deletion of one or more codons results in a protein missing one or more amino acids.

How do mutations in the DNA sequence result in phenotypic change?

Mutations can be inherited and therefore passed on from one individual to another. If a mutation causes a new phenotype that makes an organisms better suited to a particular environment, it can lead to rapid change in the characteristics of the individuals in that species.

When a base is added or removed from a DNA or RNA sequence the result is a?

point mutation, change within a gene in which one base pair in the DNA sequence is altered. Point mutations are frequently the result of mistakes made during DNA replication, although modification of DNA, such as through exposure to X-rays or to ultraviolet radiation, also can induce point mutations.

What happens to the sequence of amino acids of the DNA sequence changes?

A missense mutation is a mistake in the DNA which results in the wrong amino acid being incorporated into a protein because of change, that single DNA sequence change, results in a different amino acid codon which the ribosome recognizes. … More frequently, it causes the protein to be less effective in doing its job.

What happens if a start codon is mutated?

In cases of start codon mutation, as usual, the mutated mRNA would be shunted to the ribosomes, but the translation would not take place. … Hence, it cannot necessarily produce proteins, as this codon lacks a proper nucleotide sequence that can act as a reading frame.

Does one codon codes for one amino acid explain your answer?

Because there are only 20 different amino acids but 64 possible codons, most amino acids are indicated by more than one codon. (Note, however, that each codon represents only one amino acid or stop codon.)

What would happen if a nucleotide is removed from the chain?

For instance, if just one nucleotide is deleted from the sequence, then all of the codons including and after the mutation will have a disrupted reading frame. This can result in the incorporation of many incorrect amino acids into the protein.

Can changes in the structure of chromosomes affect an individual how?

Changes that affect the structure of chromosomes can cause problems with growth, development, and function of the body’s systems. These changes can affect many genes along the chromosome and disrupt the proteins made from those genes.

What will be the result in the alterations in the number of chromosomes in humans?

These changes can occur during the formation of reproductive cells (eggs and sperm), in early fetal development, or in any cell after birth. A gain or loss in the number of chromosomes from the normal 46 is called aneuploidy. A common form of aneuploidy is trisomy, or the presence of an extra chromosome in cells.

Which of the following describes the most likely effect that a single base substitution in the middle of a gene’s sequence will have on the protein the gene encodes?

Which of the following describes the most likely effect that a single base substitution in the middle of gene’s sequence will have on the protein the gene encodes? A single amino acid would change because pairing of mRNA and tRNA in the ribosome would change.

When one base is substituted for another it result in?

Point Mutation

A point mutation is when a single base pair is altered. Point mutations can have one of three effects. First, the base substitution can be a silent mutation where the altered codon corresponds to the same amino acid.

What would be the consequence of one base deletion at the beginning of the message for a protein?

If even one base pair is deleted, it can cause all amino acids that come after it to be different. This results in an entirely different protein than the desired one. If the first nucleotide were to be deleted, it would shift the reading frame one place. This new sequence would produce a very different protein.

What might happen if there were errors in DNA replication?

When Replication Errors Become Mutations. Incorrectly paired nucleotides that still remain following mismatch repair become permanent mutations after the next cell division. This is because once such mistakes are established, the cell no longer recognizes them as errors.

How does DNA damage lead to mutation?

When DNA carrying a damaged base is replicated, an incorrect base can often be inserted opposite the site of the damaged base in the complementary strand, and this can become a mutation in the next round of replication. Also DNA double-strand breaks may be repaired by an inaccurate repair process leading to mutations.

How changes in a DNA molecule may cause changes in its product?

An organism’s DNA affects how it looks, how it behaves, and its physiology. So a change in an organism’s DNA can cause changes in all aspects of its life. Mutations are essential to evolution; they are the raw material of genetic variation. Without mutation, evolution could not occur.

Are mutations more likely to be helpful or harmful?

A single mutation can have a large effect, but in many cases, evolutionary change is based on the accumulation of many mutations with small effects. Mutational effects can be beneficial, harmful, or neutral, depending on their context or location. Most non-neutral mutations are deleterious.

What is the most harmful mutation?

Deletion mutations, on the other hand, are opposite types of point mutations. They involve the removal of a base pair. Both of these mutations lead to the creation of the most dangerous type of point mutations of them all: the frameshift mutation.

What do mutations cause?

Sometimes, gene variants (also known as mutations) prevent one or more proteins from working properly. By changing a gene’s instructions for making a protein, a variant can cause a protein to malfunction or to not be produced at all.

What happens when DNA changes?

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