what would happen if japan won ww2

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service manages the refuge. When Midway was a naval facility, it often housed more than 5,000 residents. Today, roughly 40 refuge staff members, contractors and volunteers live there at any given time.

Did America fight Japan alone?

This view is based on one irrefutable historical fact: it was the United States—not China, not the Soviet Union, nor any other nation—that vanquished Japan in the Second World War. … More than 100,000 of American combat deaths occurred in the Asia-Pacific theater alone.

What if the US never entered ww1?

Originally Answered: What would have happened if the US had not entered the WWI? British and French would still have won but more lives would have been lost and the war would have gone until the 1920′s. The US helped turn the ride but the Axis was already on the way to being ground into submission.

Was Pearl Harbour a mistake?

In the long term, the attack on Pearl Harbor was a grand strategic blunder for Japan. Indeed, Admiral Yamamoto, who conceived it, predicted even success here could not win a war with the United States, because the American industrial capacity was too large.

Is Nagasaki still radioactive?

The radiation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki today is on a par with the extremely low levels of background radiation (natural radioactivity) present anywhere on Earth. It has no effect on human bodies. … Roughly 80% of all residual radiation was emitted within 24 hours.

Was atomic bomb Necessary?

The atomic bomb was necessary to end the war with Japan at the earliest possible moment. By the early summer of 1945, Japanese leaders knew they could not win. … The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and then Nagasaki persuaded Emperor Hirohito, who had wavered for weeks, that the war must end immediately.

What if the atomic bomb wasn’t dropped?

The bombs brought a quick end to the war. Without the bombs, the war would have likely dragged on for at least another year, perhaps longer. The Allies’ plan for Japan was called Operation Downfall and consisted of two parts, Operation Olympic and Operation Coronet.

Did Germany know Japan was going to bomb Pearl Harbor?

President Roosevelt suggested openly that when they attacked Pearl Harbor the Japanese had been following German instructions. In fact, Hitler and German military did not know about the proposed Pearl Harbor strike.

Could ww2 been avoided?

There are many ways that world war 2 could have been avoided. … If Hitler had have believed there was a credible threat of war (including an invasion by France on his western flank) then he may have held off from an invasion of Poland.

Would we have won ww2 without Russia?

Originally Answered: Would World War II been won if not for the Russians? If everything happens the same as it did in our timeline (minus the Russians getting invaded) then yes. The Allies would and could beat the Axis. You would still see an Invasion of Italy and France.

Why was Japan not divided after ww2?

The Japanese home islands were not partitioned after World War II because: Unlike Germany which was completely conquered and surrendered unconditionally, Japan negotiated a surrender deal that retained the Emperor and avoided invasion and formal occupation.

Why did Japan surrender after Germany?

Japan surrendered because the Soviet Union entered the war. Japanese leaders said the bomb forced them to surrender because it was less embarrassing to say they had been defeated by a miracle weapon. Americans wanted to believe it, and the myth of nuclear weapons was born.

Was Japan going to invade Australia?

Although Japan never actually planned to invade Australia, widespread fear led to an expansion of Australia’s military and war economy, as well as closer links with the United States.

Who threw bomb on Hiroshima?

President Harry S. Truman, warned by some of his advisers that any attempt to invade Japan would result in horrific American casualties, ordered that the new weapon be used to bring the war to a speedy end. On August 6, 1945, the American bomber Enola Gay dropped a five-ton bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

Why were the aircraft carriers not at Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese were aware that the American carriers were not at Pearl Harbor. After some debate, they decided the chance to destroy all eight US Pacific Fleet battleships — still seen as the dominant naval weapon at the time — was just too good an opportunity to pass up.

What year was World 2?

September 1, 1939 – September 2, 1945

How many nurses died at Pearl Harbor?

There were 82 Army nurses working at three medical facilities in Hawaii on the day of the attack. None are known to have died that day, but more than 200 nurses died during WWII, according to Army Nurse Corps.

How many Japanese died at Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese lost 29 aircraft and 5 midget submarines in the attack. One Japanese soldier was taken prisoner and 129 Japanese soldiers were killed. Out of all the Japanese ships that participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor only one, the Ushio, survived until the end of the war.

Who broke the Japanese code?

Forty-three years after Joseph J. Rochefort broke the Japanese code that helped the United States win the Battle of Midway, the former naval officer is to be awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. It will be given posthumously.

Were any Japanese tried for war crimes?

what would happen if japan won ww2

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