where does well water come from

The main reason for the smell is sulfur bacteria or hydrogen sulfide. Sulfur bacteria are found in environments that lack oxygen, like deep wells. You’ll also find such issues in areas having plumbing systems and organic matter.

What kind of maintenance does a well need?

Wells should be checked and tested ANNUALLY for mechanical problems, cleanliness, and the presence of certain contaminants, such as coliform bacteria, nitrates/nitrites, and any other contaminants of local concern, (for example, arsenic and radon).

Does well water have heavy metals?

Heavy metals include: arsenic, antimony, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, selenium and many more. Heavy metals can contaminate private wells through groundwater movement and surface water seepage and run-off. … Radionuclides can contaminate private wells through groundwater flow, waste water seepage and flooding.

Can you get sick from drinking well water?

Can bacteria in well water make you sick? yes, household well water that is contaminated likely holds coliform bacteria and E-coli. These microorganisms can be the cause of enteric diseases.

Can dogs drink well water?

Dogs can become sick if they drink well water that is extremely hard, has high nitrate levels, or is contaminated by parasites, blue green algae, or other pollutants.

Is well water safe to drink after boiling?

Boiling water makes it safe to drink in the event of some type of biological contamination. You can kill off bacteria and other organisms in a batch of water simply by bringing it a boil. Other types of pollutants, such as lead, are not so easily filtered out, however.

How often should I clean my well?

Homeowners with private wells should have their well water tested every 3 to 5 years for some contaminants, including bacteria.

How much does it cost to dig a well for a house?

Well Drilling Cost

Most projects range between $1,500 and $12,000. Expect to pay between $15 and $30 per foot of depth, or up to $50 for difficult terrain. Digging might be enough for shallow depths, ranging between $10 and $25 per foot. You can build a well on your property for several reasons.

How much does a new well cost?

$3,750 – $15,300 (Average Cost) The average cost to put in a new water well is $3,750 to $15,300 while installing a well and septic system costs $6,000 to $20,000. Well drilling costs $25 to $65 per foot for a complete installation, or $15 to $25 per foot just to drill.

Is it legal to drill your own well?

You probably can drill your own well on your property. You, of course, would have to contact your local building department to see if there are any regulations that must be followed. Some states and cities may still charge you for the water that’s pulled from your land, but that’s a debate for another day.

What dug wells?

Dug wells are holes in the ground dug by shovel or backhoe. Historically, a dug well was excavated below the groundwater table until incoming water exceeded the digger’s bailing rate. … These features help to prevent contaminants from traveling along the outside of the casing or through the casing and into the well.

How do well drillers know where to drill?

If you want to find the the location to drill with the highest potential yield you need find the location to drill that the aquifer is the thickest and has the highest hydraulic conductivity. Using seismic technology and software customized for imaging aquifers we are able to find this for you before drilling.

How does a house with well water work?

Well water comes straight from the ground. Wells are drilled deep into the earth to access that water, which is carried up via a well pump. Then the water is delivered into your home via a pipe that’s connected to a pressure tank. From there, your home’s piping system sends that water where it needs to go.

Can well water make your pool green?

Your first instinct when you fill your pool with new water, is to shock it. But that shock then oxidizes the metals, that chemical reaction then causes the green hue in your water. This is common with refills that used well water or even water that hasn’t been shocked but instead contains a high level of metals.

How can you tell how much water is in your well?

Subtracting the depth to water from total well depth will give you length of the water column. Multiply the length of water column in feet by the gallon volume per given diameter. For example, a 4-inch-diameter well has 0.65 gallons of water per foot and a 6-inch diameter well has 1.47 gallons per foot.

How far can a well be from a house?

As a general guidance, personal drinking water wells should have a minimum horizontal distance of at least 10 feet and preferably 25 feet from such boundaries. State or local standards may be less or more stringent in your area. Contact your local health department for more information in your area.

How do well digger’s find water?

If there are no wells in the area, or not enough information is available on existing ones, the hydrologist may contract with a well driller to put down some test holes. At these holes a pumping or aquifer test will be conducted. These tests indicate the water-bearing properties of the aquifer tapped by the well.

How do I find out where my well is?

Locate the wellhead in your yard. This is the top of your well. There should be cap or seal on the top of the casing (pipe) that should extend at least twelve inches above the ground to keep contaminants from entering the system. Soil should slope away from the wellhead so surface water doesn’t puddle.

How do Water Wells Work?

How Does a Water well work?

What Is Groundwater?

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