why is a force that is applied for a short time more effective in karate?

collision, also called impact, in physics, the sudden, forceful coming together in direct contact of two bodies, such as, for example, two billiard balls, a golf club and a ball, a hammer and a nail head, two railroad cars when being coupled together, or a falling object and a floor.

Why is it important to follow through when hitting a homerun?

Following through maximizes the length of time the bat is in contact with the ball. This maximizes the impulse, allowing the greatest change in momentum and the greatest change in velocity.

Would you be safe in firing a gun that has a bullet 10 times as massive as the gun explain?

Would you be safe in firing a gun that has a bullet 10 times as massive as the gun? … The gun would recoil with a speed ten times the muzzle velocity. Firing such a gun in the conventional way would not be a good idea.

Why is it necessary to bend knees while jumping from great height?

When jumping from a great height, our feet at once come to rest. For the small time when our legs comes to rest, a large value of force is exerted on our feet. When the knees are bent slowly, the value of time of impact increases and less force acts on feet. Therefore, the probability of getting injured is less.

Why do we need to bend our knees when landing from jumping a certain height explain in terms of momentum and impulse?

Answer: This is a consequence of the impulse momentum principle. When we bent our knees on landing, the time of impact increases and reduces the average force exerted during the entire process. This prevents the chance of damage to our body.

Does height affect high jump?

It is commonly thought that, the higher one is, the easier it is to jump, but not always tall jumpers can obtain differentials achieved by shorter jumpers, who are able to take advantage of other qualities. By differential, we mean the difference between the jumped height and the athlete’s one.

Why is the force of impact less when a boxer moves away from a punch?

When a boxer is moving away from a punch, the force experienced is reduced because the impact force is reduced by increasing the time of contact with

How does riding a punch reduce the impact force between the fist and head?

How does “riding a punch” reduce the impact force between the fist and head? It increases the impact time of the collision.

Why does a punch hurt less when you ride with the punch?

In both cases most of the transferred momentum will be absorbed and carried by the target’s muscles and he will feel the pain. It explains why the punch will be less if the target moves towards the punch.

What is force times time?

In words, it could be said that the force times the time equals the mass times the change in velocity. In physics, the quantity Force • time is known as impulse. And since the quantity m•v is the momentum, the quantity m•Δv must be the change in momentum. The equation really says that the Impulse = Change in momentum.

How can you relate a force with the change of momentum of a body short answer?

Force is a measure of the change of momentum over time. It can be written as F = mass x change in velocity / time. In practical terms, the momentum of an object increases when a force is acting upon it, because the force is causing it to accelerate, and to have an increase in velocity.

What is force divided by time?

In classical mechanics, impulse (symbolized by J or Imp) is the integral of a force, F, over the time interval, t, for which it acts. … The SI unit of impulse is the newton second (N⋅s), and the dimensionally equivalent unit of momentum is the kilogram meter per second (kg⋅m/s).

What is the force that accelerates a rocket into outer space?

The two forces acting on rockets at the moment of launch are the thrust upwards and the weight downwards. Weight is the force due to gravity and is calculated (at the Earth’s surface) by multiplying the mass (kilograms) by 9.8.

When a vertically falling Firecracker bursts the vector sum of momentum fragments when a vertically falling Firecracker bursts the vector sum of momentum fragments?

When a vertically falling firecracker bursts, the vector sum of momentum fragments. Both in the vertical direction equals the momentum of the firecracker before bursting and in the horizontal direction cancels to zero. continue allong the path as if the explosion didnt occur.

When you throw a snowball from a moving snowboard Do you experience an impulse?

Yes because when you catch the ball it exerts a force on you. This force has an impulse. impulse of throwing it. Why is more impulse delivered during a collision when bouncing occurs than during one when it doesn’t?

What is difference between impulse and impulsive force?

Hint: Impulse of a force is the time integral of a force. Impulsive forces, on the other hand, are great forces acting on a body for a short period of time. It is defined as the rate of change of momentum of a body during the time of the application of the force.

Why do we use impulse in physics?

Impulse is the change of momentum of an object when the object is acted upon by a force for an interval of time. So, with impulse, you can calculate the change in momentum, or you can use impulse to calculate the average impact force of a collision. A longer collision or impact time translates to a smaller force.

What is impulsive force and impulse?

The product of the force & the time for which it acts on a body is called impulse of a force. The force acting on a body for short interval of time is called impulsive force.

Can a cannon destroy a tank?

Anti-tank guns are guns designed to destroy armored vehicles from defensive positions. … Any field artillery cannon with barrel length 15 to 25 times longer than its caliber was able also to fire anti-tank ammunition, such as the Soviet A-19.

What is a six pounder gun?

6-pounder gun or 6-pdr, usually denotes a 57-millimetre (2.2 in) gun firing a projectile weighing approximately 6 pounds (2.7 kg).

Do cannonballs explode?

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