why is romeo and juliet still read today

The story of Romeo and Juliet is often thought to be about love but actually the readers/audience fail to realise that the love is just included in the piece. The main theme of the play is mainly about violence and chaos. From the very beginning of the play it is very evident that violence will occur.

Why do we need to read Romeo and Juliet?

It is also a very appropriate play to study with teens as it has issues that pertain to them. The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet portrays the problems and triumphs and comedies of the human condition like few other stories ever have. In fact, many stories have almost exactly emulated the storyline of R & J.

Is Romeo and Juliet a reflection of the youth in today’s society?

Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet depicts the lives of two lovers and the events of their lives as they hide their love from their parents. The personalities, attitudes, and emotions of Romeo and Juliet mimic those of teenagers today. These similarities occur in the way Romeo and Juliet and teens today act.

How is Romeo and Juliet similar to today?

The similarities between Romeo and Juliet and teens today are fascinating. The first and most obvious similarity is their recklessness. Romeo and Juliet make decisions quickly and without thinking. … Teens today also love with their eyes when they get into a relationship with another person just for looks.

What lesson does Romeo and Juliet teach?

Answer Expert Verified. Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet gives us the moral lesson to never hold grudges nor hate to others before it is too late, lower your pride for the common good, think carefully before you act, and to never let you emotions rule over you.

Why should 9th graders read Romeo and Juliet?

Shakespeare should be in the ninth grade curriculum because Romeo and Juliet can teach teens that ot listening to your parents can end in something bad, it can improve your writing and speaking abilities, and he can inspire young teens. In the play, Romeo and Juliet sneak out a lot to see each other.

Why should Romeo and Juliet be taught in 9th grade?

This play is above all else a play about passion and love and how it can completely master us. 9th graders can therefore greatly empathise with the situation that Romeo and Juliet find themselves in.

What impact did Romeo and Juliet have on society?

It has influenced many great films like The West Side Story, Gnomeo and Juliet, Romeo Must Die, etc. As well as films, the play has also inspired many works of art and paintings. Romeo and Juliet has allowed many people to interpret how they picture the scenes.

Is Romeo and Juliet a modern tragedy?

All of modern domestic tragedy descends from his choices. Adapted from a modern novella—Arthur Brooke’s Romeus and Juliet (1562)—the play was set in a recognizably modern world, and its characters were ordinary people, not Roman or classical heroes. … More importantly, the main characters of Romeo & Juliet are teenagers.

How has the story of Romeo and Juliet changed over time?

Though the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet is a perennial favorite, the world around the play has changed in the four centuries since it was first performed. Shifting attitudes about taboo love and marriage, gender roles, and even guns and street violence inform the way we read or see the play today.

Why do high schoolers read Romeo and Juliet?

The point of teaching “Romeo and Juliet” itself (as representative of Shakespeare’s plays) is that it deals with topics that are central and current to the lives of teenagers: love, parents, friends. This is why this play is usually the first one introduced to high school students.

Why Romeo and Juliet is bad?

According to these reviewers, the play is “a horror story for the parents of teenagers” and “all the characters act like idiots.” The plot is “boring,” “incredibly unrealistic,” and “not a love story,” Romeo is “a fickle crybaby” and Juliet is naive, too young, and “way too anxious to take her panties off.” Modern …

Is Romeo and Juliet worth studying?

Not worth studying at all. In the end, “Romeo and Juliet” is a world known piece of art that turns up in many cases today, but it’s enough just knowing the plot of it. It’s not worth wasting your time studying it deeply.

Why is Romeo and Juliet one of the most popular works of literature still today?

Romeo and Juliet provides both. It contains some beautiful language. It also has humor, and sword fighting, which adds some action to the show. The play therefore has been timeless, and continues to be popular to this day.

What themes from Romeo and Juliet are relevant today?

In Romeo and Juliet, there are many themes. Love, rivalry, arguing with parents, friendship, and fate and destiny. These themes are used today, too. For example, love.

What behavior S or attitudes do Romeo and Juliet demonstrate that we still see in teenagers today?

The first and most obvious similarity is their recklessness. Romeo and Juliet make decisions quickly and without thinking. In the play, they get married after only knowing the other for a mere day. Teens today also make rash decisions such as doing drugs.

How are Romeo and Juliet’s circumstances both similar and different?

Romeo and Juliet are alike in being young people who fall quickly and passionately in love, are impatient to get married, and are willing to ignore the feud between their families to be together. Both would rather die than be apart. Romeo, however, is much more in love with the idea of being in love than Juliet is.

Is Romeo and Juliet story relevant today do you think they were rebellious in the modern sense?

Romeo and Juliet is culturally relevant today because of its idea that hatred can be destructive. Shakespeare’s story proves that no one wins when animosity dominates over all else.

What is similar and different about Romeo’s and Juliet’s views of love?

What is similar and different about Romeo’s and Juliet”s views of love? Both think their love is unconditional/ Juliet think they’re moving too fast, Romeo thinks it is the right amount of time. What functions do Mercutio and the Nurse serce in act two? Comic relief.

How does the story of Romeo and Juliet connect to the lives of teenager today?

The contemporary relevance of Romeo and Juliet for teenagers lies in the fact that it deals with two young people who are forbidden from seeing each other by their families. … Romeo and Juliet’s love ends in catastrophe, with both the star-cross’d lovers meeting their deaths in the most tragic circumstances imaginable.

Who is to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s death?

The people to blame for the death of the two lovers are the Capulet servants. Who is to blame for the Romeo and Juliet death is the capulets servants. In the book Romeo and Juliet scene 2 act 1 the capulets servant ask Romeo and his cousin Benvolio to read there list for there party tonite.


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