why is the gang important to johnny

The only thing that Dally loved was Johnny. He was wielding a gun that wasn’t loaded. Over the phone, he asks Darry and the gang to help him hide.

What action is out of character for Johnny?

What action is out of character for Johnny? Why do you think he acts that way? Passive and quiet so its out of character for him to stands up to Dally at the drive-in and tells him to stop harassing the two Soc girls.

Why is Johnny so concerned about his parents?

Johnny wanted to know that his parents cared about him. Johnny always was a soft guy. He cared about what his parents thought about him no matter what. Why is Dally concerned about Johnny going to jail?

How have Johnny’s parents reacted to Johnny’s disappearance?

How did Johnny’s parents react to him being gone? They didn’t ask about him. They weren’t worried. They were calling the police.

How do Johnny’s parents treat him in the outsiders?

Johnny’s parents are abusive—his mother verbally, and his father physically. They’re both neglectful. Johnny refuses to see his mother when she comes to visit him in the hospital, and he takes his parents‘ treatment of him personally (as would most people).

Why was it important that Johnny be able to see Gone With the Wind when he awoke?

Why was it important for Johnny to be able to see “Gone With the Wind” when he woke? Johnny had really enjoyed listening to Pony read the book to him while they were in the church. He had gotten a lot of deep meaning out of it. He was impressed by the manners and charm of the Southern Gentlemen during the Civil War.

What is Johnny’s attitude towards death?

Johnny knows that his condition is not good, and he is afraid of dying. He tells them that 16 years is not enough living and that it is just not fair.

What do you think Johnny’s last words to Pony mean?

Johnny’s words refer back to the poem that Ponyboy recited while they were hiding out in the old church. … Johnny is trying to tell Ponyboy to stay innocent and pure. He knows that Ponyboy is smart and has great potential to do something beyond the gang life.

Why does Johnny stab the SOC?

As Pony is struggling for his life, Johnny intervenes and stabs Bob Sheldon in self-defense. Essentially, Johnny stabs Bob Sheldon to prevent him from drowning Ponyboy. When Pony regains his consciousness, he is appalled and scared to discover that Johnny killed Bob Sheldon.

Who is the strange visitor who comes to see Johnny?

Visiting Johnny

They go in to see Johnny, who is in bad shape and a lot of pain. Regardless, he is happy to see Pony and Two-Bit. He tells them about a visitor he had, Tim Shepard, who is the leader of another group of Greasers, or poor kids from the East side of Tulsa.

What are Cherry’s feelings about Johnny and Bob?

What are cherrys conflicted feelings about Johnny and Bob? She is upset that Johnny killed bob because bob could be sweet and loving at times but she also thinks that bob probably deserved it because he was drunk.

What are Johnny Cade’s strengths?

Brave: Johnny was able to help protect himself and Ponyboy when a few Socs attacked the two on their territory. He also spared his life to help the kids who were inside the burning church in Windrixville.

Why was pony so upset about Johnny’s condition?

Ponyboy has a problem with the plan because Johnny wants to cut their hair and bleach it. Ponyboy thinks that it is a bad idea because it is taking away their values and their hair is what symbols them.

Why did Johnny turn himself into the police?

The reason Johnny decided to turn himself in to the police was he did not want to spend the rest of his life hiding. He thought if he turned himself in he would have a better chance of getting off easy with the help of Ponyboy’s and Cherry.

What was especially rare and wonderful about Johnny?

Ponyboy appreciates the fact that Johnny, despite all of his difficult problems at home, was probably the least self-centered guy in their gang. His rare quality of genuinely caring for his friends and being a comfort and caring listener for them all makes Johnny very special indeed.

What has Johnny learned from the gang that he couldn’t learn from his parents?

What has Johnny learned from the gang that he couldn’t from his parents? What’s the irony in this? Johnny has learned about the meaning of love and friendship from the gang. The irony in this is that the parents are the ones who are supposed to teach you this.

What cut Johnny’s face so badly in the fight?

One of the Socs wore several rings and the rings badly cut Johnny. The beating wasn’t what had changed Johnny, it was the fact that they had scared him. Johnny never walked alone anymore, and he vowed that he would kill the next person who jumped him.

How is Johnny Cade loyal?

The most loyal character in The Outsiders is Johnny Cade, who comes to the defense of his friends and fellow greasers even when they are in the wrong. No matter what happens, Johnny believes that they should stick together.

Is Johnny Cade guilty?

Johnny Cade is guilty of manslaughter in the death of Bob Sheldon. The accused and main character in the S. E. Hinton novel The Outsiders was sent up the river for four years to Collins Bay Penitentiary Thursday during a mock trial at Gananoque Secondary School (GSS).

Why does Dally say pony before death?

Pony was the chance to escape the Greaser mentality because of his brothers’ love and his intelligence. Johnny knew he nor Dally would ever achieve gold. They had suffered too much abuse or indifference from the families that should have loved them and guided them to gold.

Why was Johnny so scared?

Johnny therefore becomes so nervous precisely because he recognises the same people that beat him up so badly before the novel begins. This of course was a massively disturbing and traumatic experience for Johnny, and as a result, he acts in a very nervous way when he sees these individuals again now.

How does Johnny change throughout the story?

In The Outsiders, Johnny changes from a quiet, fearful boy into a courageous, outspoken teenager who is willing to speak his mind and sacrifice himself for others. Throughout the novel, Johnny develops a significant amount of confidence and self-esteem.

Why is Johnny Cade special to his friends?

why is the gang important to johnny

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