why the position of hydrogen cannot be fixed

Why The Position Of Hydrogen Cannot Be Fixed?

Mendeleev’s periodic law could not assign a fixed position to hydrogen in the periodic table because hydrogen resembled both alkali metals (Group 1) and halogens (Group 17) in some of its properties. Hydrogen reacts with metals to form ionic compounds called hydrides and also with non-metals to form covalent compounds.

Why is the position of hydrogen a problem?

The present position of hydrogen with alkali metals is not justifiable since it shows some properties of alkali metals and some properties of halogens. group elements having a low ionization potential value. … Similar to halogens it makes diatomic molecules and several covalent compounds.

Does hydrogen have a fixed position?

There is no fixed position of hydrogen in Mendeleev’s periodic table as it shows resemblance to both alkali metals as well as halogens in the physical and chemical properties.

Why position of hydrogen in periodic table is not defined explain?

Hydrogen is a nonmetal and is placed above group in the periodic table because it has ns1 electron configuration like the alkali metals. However, it varies greatly from the alkali metals as it forms cations (H+) more reluctantly than the other alkali metals.

Why is it difficult to place hydrogen in the modern periodic table?

It is difficult to decide where hydrogen belongs in the periodic table because of the physical properties of the element. … Hydrogen also has an electronegativity (EN = 2.20) halfway between the extremes of the most electronegative (EN = 3.98) and least electronegative (EN = 0.7) elements.

Why is the position of hydrogen uncertain on the periodic table?

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The position of hydrogen is uncertain in the periodic table because Hydrogen behave as alkali metal (group 1) as well as halogens (group17). Due to hydrogen’s diatomic behavior the position of the hydrogen is uncertain in the periodic table.

Which position is suitable for hydrogen in the periodic table?

The position of hydrogen in the traditional form of the periodic table is at the head of Group 1 (the alkali metals) based on the similarity of the valence shells of this family: each of the elements possesses a half-filled s-orbital, namely, H 1s1, Li 2s1, Na 3s1, etc.

How was the position of hydrogen solved in modern periodic table?

Hydrogen is the first element of the periodic table as its atomic number is one, which means it has only one electron in its atom and thus only one electron is present in its outermost shell.

What is the position of hydrogen?

So if you glance at the periodic table, you will see hydrogen is the first element in the table. It is the smallest element on the table. It has atomic number one, which means it has only one electron orbiting it its shell. In fact, Hydrogen has only one shell.

Which position of hydrogen explain its properties?

At the top of halogens.

How do you justify the position of hydrogen at the top of various groups?

Hydrogen is the smallest and the lightest element and has the first position which is an unique position in the periodic table. Hydrogen behave like alkali metals as well as halogens and that is why, they ‘re placed at the top of the periodic table.

What is the position of hydrogen in the periodic table on the basis of its electronic configuration?

Hydrogen is the first element of the periodic table & often called protium. Its electronic configuration is [1s1]. Due to the presence of only one electron in its 1s shell, hydrogen exhibits a dual behaviour, i.e., it resembles both alkali metals and halogens.

What is the main reason that hydrogen is not a metal?

While hydrogen is typically a gas on Earth, it can be artificially compressed and cooled to become a liquid or a solid. Even in these states, hydrogen remains a non-metal — its atoms hold on to their electrons tightly, so hydrogen conducts heat and electricity poorly.

How do you justify the position of hydrogen?

The dual nature of hydrogen can be justified by following points:

  1. As stated earlier, hydrogen like other alkali metal lose the only electron to form unipositive ion.
  2. When hydrogen is present in compound state like HCl it exhibits +1 oxidation state like other alkali metals.

Why does hydrogen react mostly at higher temperature?

Hydrogen react mostly at higher temperatures because hydrogen has only one electron in its valance shell. … So at the time of reaction it is difficult for hydrogen atom to lose its one electron. Therefore it mostly reacts at high temperatures.

Why hydrogen is not placed with the halogen in the periodic table?

Hydrogen resembles alkali metals as well as halogens. Hydrogen resembles more alkali metals than halogens. The electron affinity of hydrogen is much less than that of halogen atoms. Hence the tendency to form hydride ions is low compared to that of halogens.

Why is it impossible to place hydrogen in your activity series?

Explanation: Hydrogen has only 1 electron in its 1s orbital, so its electronic structure closely resembles that of the other alkali metals, which have a single valence electron in a 2s,3s,4s… … That’s why the element hydrogen occupies a place in Group I rather than Group VII in the Periodic Table of Elements.

Why hydrogen can be placed in group 1 and 17?

The reason why the hydrogen can be placed in both group 1 and group 17 is that it resembles Alkali metals in some of its properties like it can easily form cations so, it can be placed in Group 1 of periodic table but it also resembles Halogens in its properties like it forms which is true property of halogen that is …

How can hydrogen act as both a metal and non metal?

hydrogen behaves like both alkali metals(e.g. Na and K) as it shows the behavior like these metals by losing an electron forming H+ easily which reacts with non metals like Cl forming HCl and with other halogens forming acids. … So Hydrogen is put in the reactivity series of metals.

Is hydrogen stable or unstable?

Hydrogen only has one electron in its lowest energy level. This is a very unstable arrangement, and hydrogen gas undergoes a variety of reactions so as to reach a stable electron configuration where its energy level is either empty of electrons, or filled with electrons.

Which metals do not react with hydrogen?

Metals below hydrogen (copper, silver, gold and platinum), will not react with dilute acid.

  • They cannot displace hydrogen from the non-metal anion.
  • When a metal reacts with dilute acid, salts are formed.
  • During this reaction, hydrogen gas is evolved.

Is hydrogen reactive or stable?

Atomic hydrogen is very reactive. It combines with most elements to form hydrides (e.g., sodium hydride, NaH), and it reduces metallic oxides, a reaction that produces the metal in its elemental state.

Why has hydrogen been placed in the first group of the periodic table although it is a non metal?

Hydrogen is a non metal but as per the electronic configuration there is the arrangement of the electrons and the elements with one electron in the outer most shell is placed in the 1st group. so hydrogen is also placed for the same.

Why is hydrogen less reactive than halogens?

Halogens are more reactive than hydrogen because, in case of halogens they have 7 valence electrons in their valence shell so they acquire 1 more electron to complete their octet attaining noble / inert gas configuration. … So, halogens are more reactive.

Why is hydrogen not considered an alkali metal?

(Like the other elements in Group 1, hydrogen (H) has one electron in its outermost shell, but it is not classed as an alkali metal since it is not a metal but a gas at room temperature.)

Why hydrogen is not a metal but it has been assigned a place in the reactivity series of metals?

Despite not being a metal, hydrogen has been assigned a place in the reactivity series of metals because, hydrogen has a tendency to loose electrons and get converted to H+ ion which is similar to the property exhibited by metals.

Why hydrogen is not a metal yet it is placed in the activity series of metal?

Metals have the tendency to lose electrons. Similarly hydrogen loses its electron to form H+ ion and become electropositive in nature. Thats why it is placed in reactivity series of metals though it is a non metal.

What is the position of hydrogen in reactivity series?

Position of Hydrogen in The Reactivity Series of Metals

Hydrogen can reduce iron (II) oxide, Fe2O3 to form iron, Fe and water. However, hydrogen cannot reduce zinc oxide, ZnO. Therefore hydrogen is below zinc but above iron in the reactivity series of metals.

Why hydrogen could be placed in either Group 1 or group 7?

Hydrogen has been placed in Group 7A (IUPAC Group 17), because — just like elements in that group — it is monovalent in common compounds and requires just one electron to fill its outer shell.

Why do you think hydrogen should be placed with the alkali metals?

Answer: I think hydrogen should be placed in alkali metal group. Explanation: Hydrogen’s atomic number is 1,hence there is only 1 electron in outermost shell.

Why hydrogen behaves both as a halogen and as an alkali metal?

Hydrogen resembles alkali metal because it has 1 free electrons in it’s outermost shell It is an electropositive element . … Hydrogen resembles halogens because it requires only 1 electron to complete it’s duplet rule and become stable like halogens. It also forms diatomic moleclues like halogens.

Does hydrogen gain or lose electrons?

Hydrogen atom can gain as well as lose an Electron . It has only one electron in its 1s orbital. One s orbital can have maximum 2 electron. So by gaining a electron it can attain noble gas configuration.

Is hydrogen a gas or metal?

Hydrogen is a non-metal. Hydrogen is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas that is the most abundant element in the known universe. It is the lightest and simplest having only one proton and one electron.

Can hydrogen become a metal?

At the surfaces of giant planets, hydrogen remains a molecular gas. … Under this extreme compression, hydrogen undergoes a phase transition: the covalent bonds inside hydrogen molecules break, and the gas becomes a metal that conducts electricity.

Position of Hydrogen in Periodic Table

Position of Hydrogen in the Periodic Table


Class 11 Chemistry – Hydrogen | Position of Hydrogen In the Periodic Table

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why the position of hydrogen cannot be fixed

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